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Under ConstructionWe have made numerous contacts this past year with distant cousins, and as a result, the family line on George Tucker continues to grow. The latest information is summarized below. And remember, this page will always be under construction with new information as it becomes available.

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The Story Continues: England - Ireland, oral history gets changed again!

The oral history that the great-great-? grandfather of John David Tucker, Sr. (Pawpaw - as I called my grandfather) landed in Savannah, GA in 1733 from England is probably NOT true. We have two different sources that point to the forefathers of Pawpaw coming from Ireland! The first comes from what Elizabeth, the third youngest child of John Bowen Tucker (see below) told her granddaughter. Elizabeth said that John Tucker was of Irish descent, and he had red hair. ( John had a grandson, Will J. Tucker, who also had red hair.) The second source comes from Robert Lee Tucker, a grandson of Rev, Jeremiah Tucker and the son of Jesse C. Tucker. Robert served in the Mississippi legislature, and he filled out a Biographical Memoranda that is on file in the Mississippi Archives in Jackson, MS. In this document he writes "Rev. Jeremiah Tucker was of the Va family of that name, but no record to show the county from which he came. His father was of Irish Decent." So far we have not found the Virginia connection, but we have moved closer. What we do know follows in the next paragraphs.

A Brief History of the Tucker Family

My great-great-great-great Grandfather, George Tucker, was born about 1750, and had 8 children by his first wife, whose name is unknown. George met Priscilla Harris Clifton in Montgomery Co. NC about 1790 and married her between 1790 and 1800. Priscilla had 7 children from her first marriage to Jesse Clifton. Rev. Jeremiah Tucker, a son of George, married Sitnah Clifton,a daughter of Priscilla. Also, Martha Patsy Tucker, a daughter of George, married William Clifton, a son of Priscilla. These two families really got along well. In addition to these two marriages, another of George's daughters, Olivia Tucker, married Jeremiah Coggin. For more information on the Coggin descendants click here.

Reverend Jeremiah Tucker was born December 29, 1782. Jeremiah married Sitnah Clifton on May 22, 1804 in Montgomery County, NC. The family spent some time in the early 1800s in Wilson County, Tennessee. Next, he and his family moved to Limestone County, Alabama, in 1817 and settled near Round Island Church. The 1820 Census, Limestone County, AL, shows the Jeremiah Tucker family with 6 children, 3 males and 3 females. Jeremiah and Sitnah eventually had 11 children in all - George (12/12/1806), Letha (11/6/1810), Abigail (12/26/1813), Martha (1818), John Bowen (2/26/1819), Jesse Clifton (6/15/1821), James Harvey, (7/3/1823), Jane Sitnah (5/10/1828), Thomas C. (1831), Margaret A (unknown), and Nanacia (unknown). In 1838 Jeremiah moved to Marshall County, Mississippi. Jeremiah died in 1841 and Sitnah died in 1857, both in Marshall County.

Pawpaw's grandfather, John Bowen Tucker, was born in Alabama on Feb. 26, 1819. John's brother Jesse C was also born in Alabama; June 15, 1821. Jesse became a successful Mississippi planter in Marshall County. He died there in 1868.

John Bowen Tucker married his first wife, Nancy A. Wofford, on 11/26/1839 in Alabama. They had two sons, Benjamin J. (10/1/1840) and Clifton B. (6/1/1843,) and two daughters, Elizabeth (6/10/1842) and Nancy M (2/12/1845.) All were born in Alabama and the two daughters died before 1850. Nancy died June 18, 1846, and John married Martha Jane Pullin on 12/5/1848 in DeSoto County, Mississippi. They had 11 children- Jabez B.(11/7/1849), Martha W. (5/5/1851), George T.(2/2/53), Malinda S. (4/16/1854), Mary J. (2/16/1856), John Devo (6/16/1858), Rufus Simeon (12/11/1861) Vicksey Ann (10/20/1862), Sarah Elizabeth (7/22/1865), Lendora (4/14/1868), and Eliza (1870). The family called Vicksey - Dixie.

Jabez is my great-grandfather. On 1/14/1869 he married Mary F. Whittaker. (Jabez and Mary are in the 1870 Census living next-door to the John Bowen Tucker family.) Jabez's and Mary's oldest son was Will J. Tucker, born 11/30/1870, died 11/27/1943. My grandfather, John David Tucker, Sr. (Pawpaw )was born 3/9/1874 and died 9/ 29/1958. We thought that Pawpaw's sisters were Dora Tucker and Lizzie Clark. But Dora is Lendora, which makes her Pawpaw's Aunt. She is only 7 years older than him. Lizzie is Pawpaw's half-sister (more about this later.)

Jabez died in 1874. Mary married James H. Trice on 8/8/1876, and they had two children, James (1877) (James was known as Joe) and John C (1880). In the 1880 Census, James Trice, Mary, William F. (age 10), David (age 6), and their two sons are living next-door to the John Bowen Tucker family. William J. is my great-uncle, and David is my grandfather (Pawpaw). (He was called David all his life except by his kids and grandkids.) The 1880 census listed the Trice sons as Tucker orphans, but we are now certain that the person recording the data made a mistake. The Tucker "orphans" should have referred to Will and David, because we have been contacted by a descendant of John C. Trice. John Trice's age matched the birth-year of the John in the 1880 census. In addition, my grandfather's obituary mentioned that he had a half-brother, Joe Trice, and we know that Joe lived longer than his brother John. Mary's husband, James Trice, died in Desoto County, but we are not sure of the year. Then, Mary F. Trice married W. H. Clark on 12/12/1887, in DeSoto County. After this marriage the Clark family, with my grandfather, moved to Des Arc, Arkansas. The Clarks had at least two children - James and Lizzie, the half-sister mentioned above.

Will Tucker married Jessie Whitley on 1/27/1897, in DeSoto County, and they had two sons - Arthur Devreau and William Gomer, and two daughters - Addy and Josephine Will Tucker had red hair and, in his early years, was a cowboy in Texas. Will knew Jessie from his early years in DeSoto County; she was his school teacher. After he and Jessie married they moved to Des Arc, AR. In 1910 the family moved to the old Potter Community, near Mena, AR. In 1942 Will and Jessie moved to Miami, Oklahoma. Will died there in 1943 after being run over by a wagon full of rocks. Jessie died in Miami in 1953, and both Will and Jessie are buried in Pinecrest Cemetery, Mena, AR. Their two sons were living in Miami at the time of Jessie's death. Josephine had married J. T. Durham and was living in De Queen, AR, and Addie had married Fred Smith and was living in Little Rock. We recently found Jessie's obituary - to read Click Here. Also, we received a newspaper article about one of Will's grandsons - William Lee Tucker, the son of Devreau Tucker. To read the article Click Here. Not much else is known about this family.

Pawpaw married Laura Ann McDaniel on 1/11/1898 in Des Arc, Arkansas. They had five children - James Cleveland Tucker (born 12/4/1898 in Des Arc), Faye Laura Tucker, later Adams (born 10/2/1905 in Des Arc), Guy Benjamin Tucker Sr. (my father, born 4/29/1907 in Des Arc), William Bruce Tucker (born 1910 in Acorn, Arkansas), and John David Tucker Jr. (born 5/27/1917 in Acorn). The family has detailed information on these individuals, their spouses, and their children.

Returning to John Bowen Tucker's children, we have made contact with descendants of three of my grandfather's aunts (Mary J., Sarah Elizabeth, and Vicksey Ann) and two uncles (John Devo and Rufus Simeon.) Mary J. Tucker married Charles D. Melton; for more information on the Melton descendants click here.

A Brief History of the McDaniel Family

We recently discovered Cicero McDaniel's obituary, and that information got us started on the McDaniel family. Cicero was born in 1854 in Durant, MS. He moved to Des Arc, AR in 1874 and lived there until his death in 1922. Cicero married Nancy Carlisle and they had 8 children. Two boys, Travis and Cicero Jr. died in their youth. One son, George, and four daughters, Laura Ann (my grandmother,) Jennie Lou, Mollie and Hattie, lived many years and produced numerous grandchildren. Nancy died sometime before 1910, and Cicero married Artie Babb, a widow. Artie had four children by her first husband. The family is listed in the 1910 Census of Des Arc, AR. Hattie, 18 at the time, was still living at home. All the other McDaniel children are absence in this 1910 census.

We are attempting to contact McDaniel cousins to acquire more information on the McDaniel family. We have included the latest information in the surnames page. Also, we have added some interesting McDaniel photographs - see the links below.

An Interesting Story Concerning Distant Relatives

Two of Jeremiah's and Sitnah's children were George Tucker (named for his grandfather George) and Jane Sitnah Tucker. George was born in 1806 and Jane was born in 1828. George had a son, Jeremiah H. Tucker, born in 1829. Jeremiah H. had a daughter, Mary Eliza, born in 1859. Jane married a Bowen and had a son, Bolivar B. Bowen, born in 1853. Bolivar married Mary Eliza!!.

I have been told that my Aunt Faye (see above) started a search for Tucker ancestors many years ago. The story goes that she found something that upset her, so she destroyed the records and forgot about it. I wonder??

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And a special thanks to 1) Mary-Louise McComas for the data on Jeremiah Tucker and his wife Sitnah, 2) Ozell Scott and the Genealogical Society of DeSoto County, PO Box 248, Hernando, MS, 38632-0248, 3) Courtney Tompkins for the valuable information I found on her web site, and 4) especially to my cousin David, Uncle JD, and Aunt Sara for starting the family tree and collecting most of the initial data.

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