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Bossa Nova Quiz


Bossa Nova Quiz


How much do you really know about bossa nova? Are you willing to take the test? Right or wrong, it will be fun. Enjoy yourself and remember…no fair peeking!

Working on Verve's "Getz-Gilberto" LP.


Answers are below!

(On a sheet of paper, write down 1 to 35 and then check your answers on the bottom of this page when finished)


1. Who sang and recorded first, for commercial release "The Girl from Ipanema"?

    a. Antnio Carlos Jobim

    b. Astrud Gilberto

    c. Pery Ribeiro


2. What great bossa nova event occurred on November, 21st, 1962?

    a. Joo Gilberto records "Chega de Saudade"

    b. The Carnegie Hall concert

    c. Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd come to Brazil


3. Which two guitarist/composers opened up a music school?

    a. Luiz Bonf/Paulinho Nogueira

    b. Carlos Lyra/Roberto Menescal

    c. Baden Powell/Silvio Santisteban


4. Who is Heloisa Pinheiro?

    a. The wife of Joo Gilberto

    b. The real girl from Ipanema

    c. The famous dancer from Rio


5. In 1958, Elizeth Cardoso recorded "Cano do Amor Demais". Who  was the guest guitarist?

    a. Baden Powell

    b. Joo Gilberto

    c. Geraldo Vespar


6. Who lived at Rua Nascimento e Silva, 107 - Apt. 201?

    a. Vinicius de Moraes

    b. Tom Jobim

    c. Heitor Villa-Lobos


7. Which musician loved fishing and birds?

    a. Luiz Bonf

    b. Carlos Lyra

    c. Ronaldo Bscoli


8. Where was Bottle’s Bar and Baccara located?

    a. Copacabana

    b. Leblon

    c. Ipanema


9. Who played the piano in the Zimbo Trio?

    a. Hamilton Godoy

    b. Luiz Ea

    c. Johnny Alf


10. Paulo Jobim plays what instrument?

     a. Bass

     b. Guitar

     c. Flute


11. Who wrote the song, "Primavera"?

     a. Carlos Lyra

     b. Chico Buarque

     c. Sergio Ricardo


12. Joo Gilberto started out singing in which group?

     a. Os Gafieras

     b. Garotos da Lua

     c. Bossa 4


13. Vinicius de Moraes was vice-consul for the Brazilian Embassy in which city?

     a. Paris

     b. Los Angeles

     c. Tel Aviv


14. Who played the drums for Bossa Trs?

     a. Edison Machado

     b. Bebeto

     c. Dom um Romo


15. Who was called the "Muse" of bossa nova?

     a. Elis Regina

     b. Sylvia Telles

     c. Nara Leo


16. Who composed "Tempo Feliz"?

     a. Cartola

     b. Pixinguinha

     c. Baden Powell


17. Joo Gilberto sang "Desafinado" on a .78 rpm under what recording label?

     a. Odeon

     b. Fontana

     c. Audio Fidelity


18. Laurindo Almeida played in what band in the late ‘40’s?

     a. Stan Kenton Orchestra

     b. Symphony of Rio de Janeiro

     c. Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra


19. Who was Tio Neto?

     a. Pianist for Balano Trio

     b. Bassist for Bossa Trs

     c. Drummer for Os Cariocas


20. Tom Jobim composed "Meditation" with what other composer?

     a. Newton Mendona

     b. Luiz Bonf

     c. Vinicius de Moraes


21. Who ran the show on Radio Bandeirante, called "O pick-up do Picapau?

     a. Jose de Palma

     b. Walter Silva

     c. Ivan Lessa


22. Creed Taylor was the producer of what record label?

     a. Capitol

     b. Verve

     c. Decca


23. Sylvia Telles was married to which person?

     a. Aloysio de Oliveira

     b. Roberto Menescal

     c. Sergio Ricardo


24. Where is the Veloso Bar?

     a. Ipanema

     b. Copacabana

     c. Flamengo


25. In the movie Black Orpheus, who sang "Manh de Carnaval"?

     a. Altemar Dutra

     b. Agostinho dos Santos

     c. Breno Mello


26. "O amor, e sorriso, e a flor" was a show put on in what following establishment?

     a. Au Bon Gourmet

     b. Teatro Paramount

     c. Arena da Faculdade de Arquitetura


27. Joo Gilberto was born in which city?

     a. So Paulo

     b. Juazeiro

     c. Salvador


28. Tom Jobim was heavily influenced by the music of which composer?

     a. Chopin

     b. Mozart

     c. Schubert


29. Ronaldo Bscoli, Chico Feitosa and Roberto Menescal had what hobby in common?

     a. Auto racing

     b. Fishing

     c. Flying


30. The club Zum Zum, was owned by who?

     a. Caco Velho

     b. Alberico Campana

     c. Paulinho Soledade


31. Isaurinho Garcia was the wife of which musician?

     a. Walter Wanderley

     b. Eumir Deodato

     c. Oscar Castro-Neves


32. Edinho, played for which group?

     a. Trio Irakitan

     b. Tamba Trio

     c. Balano Trio


33. "Tom e se voce fizesse agora uma cano" was the introduction to what song, made famous at Au Bon Gourmet?

     a. Desafinado

     b. Garota de Ipanema

     c. Chega de Saudade


34. Lennie Dale was one of the following.

     a. Singer

     b. Writer

     c. Dancer


35. Who composed "Duas Contas"?

     a. Garoto

     b. Luiz Bonf

     c. Dorival Caymmi


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10b, c