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Case Studies White Papers
Price Elasticity Study* Statistical Alternatives: Sturdy Statistics (Nonparametrics) *
Segmentation Study  Advertising Affect on Sales based on GRP

Customer Satisfaction Study*

Performance to Expectations GAP Analysis
Using GAP Analysis in Brand Selection* Brand Equity Estimation
Supplier Side Dynamics (Key Factor & Branding Study) Choice-Based/Discrete Choice Conjoint - Demo Report
An Indexing Approach to Brand Equity* Comparison Testing w MaxDiff
Interstate Highway Opinion Benchmark Adaptive Conjoint - Demo Report
  * Published Papers Highlighted Article


Professional Information Primers-Application Introductions
Business Profile van Westendorp Price Elasticity Model

Basic Fee Structure

Conjoint Analysis - Introduction
Professional Resume GAP Analysis (Satisfaction, Performance & Expectations)
Retainer Agreement Web-Based Studies
General Confidentiality Agreement Perceptual Maps

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Creative Research Systems Statistical Resources: Here, Here and Here

Raynald's SPSS Tools

     Also check out the desktop sample and power tool GPower

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