Quantitative Research

Extensive data analysis and interpretation of results using basic descriptive statistics, linear, multivariate, logistic, categorical, and ordinal regression models, analysis of covariance, and factorial techniques to identify cause/affect relationships; price elasticity models, trade-off and conjoint analysis; perceptual maps for competitive analysis and attribute comparison.

Common areas of emphasis include customer satisfaction "GAP Analysis" and SERVQUAL research; demographic and psychographic market segmentation by common sociodemographic cluster codes (e.g., Prizm®, Acorn® and MicroVision®) and decision tree algorithms such as CHAID & CART.  Other services include ridership, market estimates, and attendance modeling tools and techniques that employ findings from primary and secondary research in both parametric and nonparametric methodologies.

Key driver modeling answers the question of what to improve, segmentation provides crucial help in determining how to improve it. We can help answer both questions.

Applications include the design and interpretation of telephone surveys, one-on-one interviews and self-administered questionnaires [to include both Web & E-mail based services].

Studies range from quality of service (current and trend monitoring), travel intentions, attraction ridership, pricing strategies, product concept design and  testing, magazine design/content and readership, advertising awareness/effectiveness (pre- & post analysis), media usage and/or effectiveness, market share/competitive analysis and market projections, and acquisition and retention analysis.

We provide support in either re-analysis of existing data or designing, implementing and modeling results from the ground up.

Data processing resources include three high-performance computer systems. Application software includes SPSS, Survey System, Sawtooth's Web Conjoint System (to include Adaptive, Choice Base and Max Diff), CHAID, CART & QUEST (SPSS), SPSS & WesVar (Westat) Complex Sampling Models, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Windows 8 & XP platforms.

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