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Beyond those highlighted under the Projects & Quantitative tabs, we also have available Data Acquisition, Data Processing and Secondary Research Services as described below.

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Data Acquisition Services

Data collection, the basis for quality market research, is available using a variety of facilities. These include computer assisted telephone interview system (CATI), disk-by-mail (DBM) and both Web and E-mail based survey applications. There is a focus on accuracy, through appropriate training and role playing for the interview process and response documentation to ensure that the information you or your client receives is an accurate snapshot of the study's target market.

In-house facilities to help design, distribute, receive, and analyze Web and E-mail surveys based on your "qualified" respondent distribution/alert list (or one acquired through a reliable list source).

Data Processing

Offering complete data processing services to include deliverables in the form of presentation-quality tables and graphics. I also can  provide the study results on disk in a variety of formats for inclusion into your word processing and/or presentation software.

If you want more than data processing, there is analysis of your data and preparation of a topline report from an outside perspective.


Secondary Research Services

Extensive demographic data sources both nationally & locally from the U.S. Census and private vendors such as Claritas and Wessex. Routine Internet user as research tool. Detail Florida zip code demographics.


Up-to-date data analysis & presentation software such as SPSS, Survey System, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Win 10 platform.


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