Special Case Studies


Price Elasticity Models to Support Product Development: van Westendorp and Conjoint

Intervention Analysis: Affect of Law Enactments on Hospital Admits between 1956 and 2003

Public Opinion Study of I-4 Corridor's "Master Redesign Plan"

Travel Information Needs Assessment for "Conventional" & Commuter Traffic Planning

Designed Baseline Value & Service Quality Models for International Telephony Company

Self Esteem Among Women, Personal Assessment Study

High Speed Maglev Transportation System & Ridership Study

Medical Case Study, Predictive Mortality of Patients with Severe Sepsis

Direct Selling Associations, Product Development & Pricing Strategy

Designer of Consumer Research Plan for TravTek "Smart Car" Test in Orlando, FL

Consumer/Member Programs Evaluation Studies

New and Lapsed Automobile Club Member Studies

Affinity Association Membership Studies and Competitive Analysis

Legislative Issues Studies

Pre- & Post-Analysis of Direct Response/Direct Marketing Programs

Facilitating Market and Business Strategy Sessions