Business Services


New Product Development & Branding, Adaptive Conjoint Model

Pre/Post Affect of Media on Hospital Awareness & Perceptions

Intervention Analysis, Pre/Post of Changes in the Law and Hospital Admits

Pharmaceutical and Financial Services Product Development [Conjoint Primer]

SERVQUAL Analysis, International Courier, Caribbean Market

Market Segmentation & Key Success Factors (Example)

Affinity Organization, Member Perceptions Study [GAP Analysis]

Beverage Distributor, Baseline Market Perceptions Study

Parking Industry & Competitive Positioning [Perceptual Map]

Orange County Library Services & Performance Study

Product Comparison, Multiple Taste Test Evaluation

Course Design & Assessment Study, University [Web Based Survey]

Needs Assessment & Course Design, University [Web Based Survey]

Employee Satisfaction, Department Assessment [Web Based Survey]

Product Design Studies, Computer Technology

Resort Spa - Services Performance & Development

Hospital/Health Care Service Quality and Tracking Studies

Medical Services Primary Care Provider Quality Tracking

Sports & Wellness Center Feasibility Study

Interactive Television Pre & Post-Assessment Study

Market Track and Business Line Monitors

Quality of Service/Customer Satisfaction Studies

Product Development & Name Perceptions