As they say, all work and no play...


Diving is one release

Dive Flag

PADI Divemaster

Dived throughout the Caribbean, Costa Rico, the Mediterranean, Portugal, and all around Florida

Prefer cavern and wreck diving

Happy Diver

(picture is not me but sure looks good)


Here I am at it (really)


Backpacking is my escape

Two BackpackersBeautiful Mountain, Base Camp

Yellowstone with a friend and the beautiful mountain below which I camped in Banff, Canada

Prefer the backcountry

And now there is caching, check it out!


My GeoStats

And I truly "Enjoy the Ride" in my

Z Letter

Datsun Z Cars, Click for Timeline

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1982 Datsun 280 ZX Turbo

15 Years of Great Memories! (Sold Oct 2007)


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