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William M. Bailey

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bullet WMB & Associates 1992 - Present


Independent market analyst and statistician to national and international clients in the fields of  travel and tourism, community services/needs assessment, financial services, real estate/city planning, healthcare, transportation, parks & recreational needs planning, political polling and publications/readership. The firm provides value added adjunct services using qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies. The deliverables are relevant and actionable information for use in decision making and business strategy.

Proficient using SPSS [ beta test site], AnswerTree [SPSS, Inc, beta test site], Survey System [Creative Research, beta test site], SPSS & WesVar [Westat] Complex Sampling, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Windows XP Professional platform


Corporate Experience

bullet AAA, National Headquarters Heathrow, FL

Director, Market Analysis & Research

Direction of all activities associated with qualitative and quantitative market research, competitive monitoring, and economic and demographic analysis for the federation of clubs and Association policy committees. Staff of professionals and student interns with an annual budget of $700,000. Provide custom research services for business lines and clubs. Provide product development and media design support as required.

bullet The Liberty Corporation Greenville, SC

Market Analyst, Planning & Research

Market and competitive analysis and strategic research for the life insurance subsidiary. Managed all sub-contracted research efforts. Conducted comprehensive Situation Analysis of two maturing business lines: one directed toward general agency sales of insurance products, the other specializing in financial products. Design and implemented extensive economic tracking database for planning department's environmental scan effort.

bullet Lincoln National Corporation Ft. Wayne, IN

Director, Business Planning Manager, Operations Research & Database Management

Responsible for applied mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and corporate data architecture for the life insurance subsidiary. Responsibilities expanded to coordinating the development and consolidation of business lines and subsidiaries business and financial plans for presentation to the board of directors. Assisted business units with their internal and external assessment studies.


bullet Bachelors in Science in statistics. Prior work in Chemical Engineering.
bullet Masters in Business with emphasis in statistics, economics, marketing, and finance.
bullet Ph.D. work completed in applied business statistics and quantitative methods.

Published Works

bullet "Quantitative Methods in Market Research" "A Corporate Information Architecture"
bullet "PERT/COST, A Management Tool"
bullet "The Integration of Planning & Decision Support Systems"
bullet "Non-Parametric Statistics in Quality Control"
bullet "The Concept of Robustness in Parametric Statistics"
bullet "Driven to Satisfy" Case Study for the New York Auto Club, Service Quality Initiative
bullet "A Bit of Tomorrow Today" Case Study for the Maglev High-Speed Rail Development Project, Orlando, FL
bullet "Pricing the Space Program," Case study for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, FL [PDF Document]
bullet "Nonparametric Tests: Sturdy Alternatives," Paper, Statistical Alternatives, Robust Statistics [PDF Document]
bullet "Evaluating a Market Using P-E GAP Analysis," Paper, Supplier analysis using Performance, Expectations & Importance [PDF Document]


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