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I offer a lifetime warranty on all my prints. 
They must be framed behind glass with a paper backing.  (The backing keeps out dust and insects, and helps to diminish changes in humidity.)  They must not be displayed in direct sunlight or in a high-humidity area, such as a shower room or greenhouse.

I cannot guarantee that the colors you see on your computer screen are the same as they are in the photo prints.  The prints probably have more saturated color, especially if light is shining on your screen.  Exact cropping will also vary, depending on size.  I suggest you find a way to see a hard copy of what you are buying (see below).  If you cannot, then send me  $2 and I will send you a 4x6 inch print so you can see the exact colors of the final art.  $2 will then be credited toward your purchase of that print. 
You may see some of my photos at various places on California's North Coast:
Gallery of Arts and Culture, Crescent City, CA (across from the post office.)  Various prints and cards. 
Redwood National and State Park Visitor Centers (Patricks Point., Prairie Creek, Jed Smith, Kuchel, Crescent City, Hiouchi ).  Also the National Forest VC in Gasquet. Note cards.
I no longer have a booth at art fairs or farmers markets.

But if you really want to buy online, here's how:
You must specify the exact title of the photo, including, for example, "#2" or, if it is a "detail" of the full frame, then "(D)".
Prices (US$):     

Frame Size
Framed (& Matted)

I also have high quality note cards for $4.50.  They are blank inside and include envelopes.  Some have text on the front.  On the back is a description of the subject and location where it was taken.  Minumum order for web sales is 10 cards.
Frames are simple black or oak.  All work well with black (white mat and black frame is a "museum mount"), but some (e.g., some elk), look good with oak.  If you do not specify which, I will use black.  Or you could ask me to decide.
Payments must be made in advance by mailing me a check.  Add 7.25% tax for shipments within California (or whatever your local tax is).

Shipping:  I will charge just what the shipper charges me, plus cost of packaging if applicable.  As I won't know the exact cost until I take the package to the post office or UPS, I will simply enclose a separate invoice in the package.
Wholesale/resale pricing is also available upon request.

Contact:  Before sending a check, you may wish to contact me to confirm availablity and delivery time:
Alan Justice Photography
500 Bertsch Ave.
Crescent City, CA 95531-9268
Or fill out this form with your question (you must include contact information if you want a reply):

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