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Until February, 2011, I used 35 mm slide film in Canon cameras.  (A few older shots were done with print film.)  I generally use Fuji Velvia (ISO 50 or, recently, 100) for landscapes and macro, and Fuji Provia 100F (often pushed one stop) for wildlife.  All lenses are Canon's professional quality (L series.)  I now use a Canon 1D Mark 4 digital camera. 
Film is scanned with a 4000 dpi Nikon scanner into a computer.  They produce a TIF file that is about 55 MB, containing about 22 MP of information.  I do minimal editing in Photoshop, usually just some color correction.  Any significant manipulations are noted under the large pictures here.
The large images on this web site are designed to be 10 inches wide, given a monitor resolution of 72 ppi.  Actual photos are, of course, much, much sharper (and they don't have "ŠAlan Justice" printed across them)
Prints are made with an Epson 2200 archival printer on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper, with Epson ultrachrome inks that are rated to resist fading for about 70 years when displayed behind glass.  Photos are mounted to buffered foamcore with RagMount.  All mats are white rag (cotton).  I put my contact information on the back, along with specific information about the subject, such as scientific name and location.