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Redwood National and State Parks*.
* I am not lisenced to lead groups in RNSP.  (It's an expensive and lengthy certification process.)  I no longer lead tours for Redwood Adventures.
Smith River National Recreation Area.

Learn about the local flora, fauna, and ecosystems.  Let me show you some great spots for photography, and how to get the shot. 

$300 per day for groups or individuals.  Transportation provided for up to four people.

I have been working full time as a nature Photographer in Northern California for 12 years. Over a year ago I began working as a volunteer at some of the local visitor centers so I could share my extensive knowledge of the area with others. As part of that I received special interpreter training through the national park. I am one of very few people who have hiked every mile of every trail on the Redwood National and State Parks map.

I am now offering my knowledge of the area and of photography to folks in a more personalized way. Each tour will be tailored to meet the needs of those on it. We can drive to more remote regions of the park, or we can spend the time on some of the most beautiful trails in the country as I tell you about the local plants, animals, and environmental issues that affect the area.  Exact itinerary may depend on the time of year (e.g., rhododendrons or lupines blooming, elk in the rut, whales migrating).

For more information, contact me.