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Toward Understanding
William J. Eisenman, Ph.D.
   In recent months we've heard a lot about communism, socialism, Marxism, capitalism, and the free market. Tea Party members called President Obama a Marxist, socialist, and a fascist. It was quite clear that those using these terms in the contexts that they did were ignorant of the meanings of the terms. We will try to shed some light on these issues and perhaps educate Tea Party members that are still educable. We should also like to state that our elected representatives should at least know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution. If they don't they should stop spewing out their silly opinions and ignorant rhetoric. To help these misguided people, here are some definitions to ponder.
True Meanings
   Communism is a theory of social organization that is based on the holding of property in common, actual ownership is by the community as a whole or to the state. The perverted forms of communisn are systems of social organization in which all economic activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetrating political party or dictator.
   Socialism is a system of social organization that advocates the ownership and control of industry and capital and land is owned by the community as a whole. In Marxist theory socialism is the stage following capitalism in the transition of society to communism.
   Capitalism is an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations.
    Free Market should be self-explanatory but it is not. To huge corporations the free market means for them a monopoly in their particular area. Regulation free markets lead to honesty-free markets as we recently have learned.
   Fascism is a totalitarian governmental system led by a dictator that emphasizes an aggressive nationalism and often racism. Fascism is a political movement like that of Mussolini in Italy between 1922 and 1943--corporatism. Fascism occurs on the ring wing of the political spectrum.
The Political Spectrum
   Socialism, communism and Marxism arise on the leftist side of the political spectrum. This area is occupied by what we would term liberals and at this time in history Democrats. Fascism spews forth from the right side of the political, the area occupied by right-wingers, conservatives and at this time in history Republicans. Totalitarian despots can appear on both sides of the political spectrum. In China today there is a totalitarian government calling itself communist while it is gung-ho immersed in capitalism! China is a hybrid. In America, we too have a hybrid form of governmental system--touches of socialism and capitalism. The Tea Party members who refer to President Obama as a Marxist, a communist or a socialist are wrong and since he's a Democrat on the left side of the political spectrum, he can't be a fascist.
Our Government
   The United States Senate, the House of Representatives, and the president are all bought by a small but powerful cabal of corporations, the wealthy, and the elites of our country. Money controls everything and everybody. Our government no longer works in the interest of We the People. Conservatives believe we elect leaders not servants. Democrats believe they are elected to bring everyone together for a group hug. Both, in actuality, believe they should legislate in the service of the status quo and really needed legislation never sees the light of day or becomes so watered down as to be useless. Much of the time to placate Republicans, needed legislation becomes too right-wing to do the job, an example would be President Clinton's welfare reform bill. Right now we need to ask where is Glass-Steagall? There was a time in this country when $200 billion could have ended poverty. It was not done and if Republicans were truly Christians it would have been done.
The Banksters
   Wall Street bankers "crashed our economy" and took taxpayers for a $13 trillion bailout. They then went back to their same old tricks "casino speculation." They rewarded their evilness with huge bonuses. Instead of being tarred and feathered and losing their citizenship, they profited. Through all of this we got misguided Tea Party folk trying to deflect our anger from those responsible, Wall Street and big corporations, to our emasculated and almost impotent government. We heard nothing substantial about breaking up the too big to fail banks or punishment of any kind. It has been 2 years since the "banksters" crashed our economy and only now has Congress passed a financial reform bill, which actually does not solve the problem. It could happen again. The banking lobbyists "own the place." How many lobbyists do you have in Congress?
Corporate Domination
   Today corporations are just too powerful. In government there is no insight or understanding as to the damage that policies in favor of corporations and the wealthy are doing to 80% of Americans. Redistributing money and power to the already well off is increasing the burdens on the rest of us. This maldistribution of wealth and power has now become a cancer eating away at our society. Special-interest money has destroyed any semblance of democracy that we may have shared. We are no longer a self-governing people. Money is indeed the roots of all evil and We the People are being prevented from adopting any real change to combat or cure the cancer.
   We experienced hurricane Katrina, a financial meltdown, and now a disasterous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. How did we get here? We got here as a result of people not doing their jobs and because elected representatives gave certain industries the legal right to do whatever the hell they wanted to, without any meaningful oversight. The free market would take care of that. Well, as stated previously, the free market works in favor of the big guys. It all came to a head with Ronald Reagan's mantra that government is the problem. Reagan sought no government regulation or oversight of business. Reagan began dismantling as much of government as he could--devolution. Regulations were removed from industry and government agencies were staffed with ideologues and business-friendly political cronies. By filling important government positions with incompetents, it was a foregone conclusion that government would not work.
In Reagan's Footsteps
   The three presidents after Reagan followed in his footsteps. President Clinton signed into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999 (the Financial Services Modernization Act) which allowed commercial, investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies to consolidate. The act also repealed much of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, which was written to prevent financial meltdowns like the one that occurred in 2008. Bright minds put laws like Glass-Steagall in place to avoid financial problems, but dumb minds today focused only on self and big money and vilified these protective laws as socialistic, communist, un-American, and an insult to the free market--our present form of capitalism. Lobbyists for big business bribed the dumb minds of today and got their way.
Standing on the Shoulders
   The illegitimate President G. W. Bush was the worst of the lot. His administration filled every governmental agency position with incompetent cronies, those who would obstruct and not do the job in the service of We the People. Some blatant examples were FEMA, The Securities and Exchange Commission, the Attorney General's Office, and the Department of Labor. These were the doings of evil men and women.
   Big is not always better. Too big to fail is too big to exist. Evidence shows that very large financial companies are less efficient than smaller financial companies. Hirees should not be sabotagers--they should know how to do the job in the interest of the general welfare--We the People. They should understand that when employed in government they work for us and not in the name of some political ideology. Their job is to promote the general welfare. False patriotism and fake Christianity aside, America is not a beacon on the hill, it's hardly a candle on a molehill.
From CENSORED number 112 copyright 2010 by W. J. Eisenman
"He that oppresses the poor to increase his riches, and he that gives to the rich, shall surely come to want," Proverbs 22:16
"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good," I Thess. 5:21
The God Project
William J. Eisenman, D. D.
God is...
   In light of scriptures like the following: Who has this world's goods and sees his brother has need, and shuts his bowels of compassion from him, how dwells the love of God in him? I John 3:17. Also, He that oppresses the poor to increase his riches and he who gives to the rich shall surely come to want, Proverbs 22:16. How do right-wing conservative Republicans calling themselves Christians get away with their absolute disdain for the poor? How does such blatant hypocrisy go unpunished and unchallenged? How is it godly to divide the poor into the worthy and unworthy? How do these people get away with portraying their greed--I earned my money and I should be allowed to keep it--as Christian? It has to be clear to all critical thinkers that 99% of those calling themselves fundamentalist and traditional Christians merely twist, wrest, and pervert the scriptures to suit their political and economic ideologies. These people live by tradition and sinful tenets, they are counterfeit Christians. Let's understand why.
   Religion as we know it has failed to make the world a better place. Most people are unaware that all original copies of the Koran were destroyed and an expurgated version was issued by the third caliph who ruled after Mohammad's death. Today's versions of the Koran were censored. The Roman Catholic Church described in Revelation 17 throughout history converted by the sword and killed 50 million people as well as the saints. Today this same church is mired in a pedophilic scandal and has never sought to obey scripture, it has supplanted scripture. It changed the Sabbath day and brought in Easter and Christmas to supplant God's holy days. All traditional religion is "sickly" and "weak." The Bible states there is one true church, a "little flock," Luke 12:32.
   Most of those who claim to be religious will try to convince you that they worship the God of the Bible. This cannot be true because it is clear they lack fundamental knowledge concerning the God of the Bible, His story, His word, and His plan. God is not the author of confusion, I Cor. 14:33 and the God of the Bible is not the god of this world, II Cor. 4:4. The Bible makes it clear that Satan is behind all the counterfeit religions in the world, II Cor. 11:12-15.
   God is a family. God had a purpose in creating humans, the Earth, and the universe. God has a masterplan and it has nothing to do with immortal souls going to heaven or hell. In regard to religion today, as it was in ancient Isreal, every man does what is right in his own eyes, Judges 21:25. People today follow non-existent gods as they did in days gone by.
   God became a family with the birth of Jesus. God the Father created all things through the Word, the Logos, John 1:1;Eph. 3:9. The Word who was God and was with God was the God who was born as Jesus, Hebrews 7:3. Jesus, as a human, died and was resurrected, He had no immortal soul, He was the firstfruit in God's masterplan--the first Son of God, Romans 8:29; Col. 1:15.
   The Word, the God who became Jesus, gave up His divinity--His immortality--when He came to Earth and was born as Jesus. His purpose in coming to Earth and being born as a human was to die and pay the penalty for sin for all humans who repent and allow themselves to be led by God's Holy Spirit. Jesus clarified the incredible human potential: To die and be resurrected as God and inherit the universe, Hebrews 2:5-10. God is reproducing himself through humans.
   God heads a government in heaven and Jesus heads a Church here on Earth, I Cor. 12:12-20; Col. 1:18. All churches without Jesus as their head are fake and counterfeit. The Bible states that Jesus' Church would be preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, not a gospel about the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Churches preaching this gospel worship fallen angels, Col. 2:8-19. God has only one Church--one lamp--and He uses this Church to do His work, Rev. 2:5. There is government in God's Church and in the Millennium Jesus will rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and He will rule from Jerusalem, Rev. 19:6. In the Millennium a resurrected King David as a God-being will rule over the 12 tribes of Israel. The 12 apostles, also now God-beings , will each rule over one of the tribes of Israel, Matt. 5:48. Humans will not rule in God's government in the Millennium and beyond into the world tomorrow.
   Humans lack a true perspective as to who and what God is. Many who do not, believe that they have a personal relationship with God. An arrogant and self-centered preacher on the world scene today believes God personally makes sure that he gets the best parking spots in parking lots! Others believe they can have God help them win at Bingo. The Bible states that God regards humans as worms and grasshoppers. We should remember that God is an alien with super powers and in His eyes humans are puny and sinful creatures, yet God needs humans in order to reproduce himself. Most of those calling themselves Christian do not understand that all are not being called now, and you cannot come to God unless called, John 6:44. At this time in God's masterplan only a select few have been called.
   It is certain that 99% of you have never heard these things from your preacher or studied them in your Bible. You have been fed pablum, nice things, to feed your vanity. You do not know the God of the Bible and who and what He is.
The End
From CENSORED 112   Copyright by W. J. Eisenman 2010 
Selfishness as a Virtue Revisited
William J. Eisenman, Ph.D.
   We have in the United States a political party that makes no pretense about favoring the wealthy and powerful over the middle class and the poor, the engines of productivity and true wealth. The conservvative moral market philosophy of this political party claims that life is not fair and the world owes none of us a living, yet we somehow are supposed to owe large corporations tax breaks and subsidies for sending our jobs and manufacturing base overseas! The fact is it is our present political setup and warped economic traditions that are not fair. We have allowed this unfairness to grow year after year and now a small cabal of the wealthy and powerful, along with huge multinational corporations, dominate and control the United States government.
Divine Right of Kings
   For thousands of years certain people have protected their place in the economy and society with the dogma of the divine right of kings to rule. This allowed for the creation of an artificial hiarchy of humans. Those high up in this hiarchy took unto themselves power and priviliege. These people were the rich, famous, and powerful. These elites were kept in power by armies of the poor, not so famous, and not so powerful. Intelligence played no part in this artificial setup of society. In time, these elites learned a respect for education and hired tutors and teachers for their sons. Eventually, schools came into being and these elites continued to monopolize education. The masses were not educable.
A Moral Code
   It soon became necessary for the elites to find a way to keep the masses in check--a moral code was needed. Ayn Rand wrote that "Man needs a moral code." What soon developed were two moral codes, one for the elites and one for the masses. The moral code of the elites was one of self-interest, while the moral code of the masses was one of self-sacrifice, altruism, and the satisfaction of the irrational desires of others. Ayn Rand saw morality as a contest of whims, much as conservative Republicans see politics today. There was no freedom of choice for the masses in all this.
What is Morality?
   What are morality and ethics? Ayn Rand, a darling of conservatives, described morality as a code of values to guide our choices and actions, these determine the purpose and course of our lives. According to Ayn Rand, only the concept of life makes the concept of value possible. Only the living regards things as being good or evil. Only the living have goals or originate them. Living organisms only can initiate self-generated, goal-directed action.
Our Standard of Value
   Ayn Rand wrote that survival is our standard of value. That which threatens our life is bad and that which nurtures it is good. This is the foundational philosophy which allows today's political conservative to embrace selfishness as a virtue. Any attack on selfishness or greed is seen as an attack on self-esteem. Ayn Rand saw life as an end in itself. Pleasure is good and pain is bad. Pleasure means we are doing something right and pain means we are doing something wrong. Our sensations are an automatic form of knowledge. Humans have the capacity to retain sensations.
   To Ayn Rand, humans have no automatic code of survival, no automatic set of values. Our consciousness is volitional. The ability to think is not an automatic function. When we think we focus our awareness. An unfocused mind is not conscious and we survive because of our consciousness, we reason. We are not free to succeed by wrong choices. Ayn Rand wrote about 3 values: reason, purpose, and self-esteem. She also proposed 3 virtues: rationality, productiveness, and pride.
Conservative Convictions
   Conservatives claim to be guided by what they call convictions. They claim that they will not sacrifice their convictions to the opinions or wishes of others. This attitude is thought to be the cornerstone of conservative ideology. But this is an attitude that prevents growth, especially when one's convictions find no place in reality, then change, evolution, or repentance are not options. Convictions that cannot be proved prevent conversion and learning. This then requires a faking of reality to adhere to an unworkable ideology. Rush Limbaugh said he does not have compassion for the poor and yet he claims to be a Christian. This is impossible. This is not honesty. Compassion means one has sympathy and sorrow for the plight of another, but it also means one has the desire to alleviate the suffering of the other. Conservatives lack this desire to help. The Bible, which counterfeit Christians like Rush Limbaugh claim to obey, states not our good, but others.
Convoluted Convictions
   Because of wrong-headed conservative convictions, the poverty rate in America is higher than in other industrial democracies. Poverty in America grew more rapidly during the 1980s and 1990s. In 1970 there were 4.3 million people receiving Food Stanps and in 1990 the number was 21.1 million and today it is out of sight. The cost of Welfare in 1960 was $28.9 billion and in 1980 it was $159.3 billion and in 1990 it was $211.9 billion. Our GDP has tripled since 1960 and yet the conservative promise of upward mobility has not occurred. Conservatives regard these increases as failures of liberalism, but in fact they are failures of pennywise and pound foolish governmental and big business policies. The prevailing attitude is that the poor should not be given enough to become upwardly mobile financially. In the business world it is also obvious that those who live paycheck to paycheck will never be successful or become rich.
Convictions From God
   Conservatives and Ayn Rand share the concept of selfishness as a virtue, but conservatives part company with Ayn Rand when she demands that mysticism and the supernatural be rejected as sources of knowledge. Conservatives claim to get their convictions, values, and morals from God--the God of the Bible. Conservatives agree with Ayn Rand that our highest moral purpose is the achievement of our own happiness.They merely pay lip service to the adage that we are here to serve others.
Happiness the Goal
   Free market loving conservatives come right out and say that happiness is the successful state of life and if you are wealthy then you have been blessed by God. Suffering is a sign of failure and not being blessed by God and we are responsible for our own fate. We are not to desire the unearned and our only rational principle should be trade. We should not expect pay for anything but our achievements. How does all of this square with tax breaks and subsidies for huge corporations?
What is Love?
   Conservatives believe that only a rationally selfish person, a person with self-esteem, could be capable of love. To love is to value. If one does not value himself, how can he value another? Does this not make a mockery of altruism?
The Improbable Foundation
   Behind all the conservative populist rhetoric lies simple self-interest. Michael Lind wrote that the conservative movement uses imitation populist rhetoric in the service of the rich and the business elite. The poor are always blamed for their plight. Those on Social Security are called "lesser people." The unemployed are called lazy and that those who are working should be satisfied with minimum wage and no health insurance. Conservatives constantly spew forth the upwardly mobile society myth that we can all become rich if we just work hard. The conservative takes no notice of fate, destiny, timing, milieu, or opportunity. Conservatives believe as does Phil Gramm that we are the only nation in the world where our poor are fat. Conservatives are very good at convincing those that do not have and never will have that they can have if they just work hard. The onus is always on the individual. Today Thomas Paine would not get Common Sense published.
Altruism is Bad
   Ayn Rand and political conservatives regard a society that is based on altruism as bad.There is also the belief that government's sole moral purpose is to protect citizens' rights, but in practice it is the rights of business and the elites of society that are protected. Conservatives trample on individual rights every chance they get--the G. W. Bush administration years are just one glaring example. No matter how much lip service those in power pay to individualism, they are not talking about the "little guy." To those in power, as he was to Andrew Carnegie and J. P. Morgan, the "little guy" is a commodity with few rights. Conservatives regard humans as sacrificial animals under altruism. Altruists are considered anti-life. The altruist is said to lack self-esteem. This argument sounds somewhat like the one conservatives use against the poor. The poor are said to lack morality, self-esteem, a work ethic, and they are not blessed by God. It is claimed by conservatives that the poor would succeed if they just pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and worked hard. This up by the bootstraps and hard work philosophy is said to come from the conservative's religion and all would be well if we just had faith. On faith too conservatives part company with Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand wrote that faith was the equating of feelings with knowledge, yet conservatives would say they despise feelings as a decision-making tool. This is one of those conservative contradictions, of which there are many.
Reason Not Relied On
   As previously stated, in decision-making, if one can call it that, conservatives rely exclusively on ideology and faith. Reason is rejected out of hand. It seems that conservatives do not comprehend the fact that if we commit our consciousness to beliefs that have no sensory evidence or rational proof--that are not real--then we are relying on blind faith. We are then dealing with metaphysics. Conservatives use faith as a shortcut to knowledge--much of the time the wrong knowledge. Conservatives refuse to be bound by reality. In this way, conservatives arrive at awkward explanations of reality such as: love is an expression and an assertion of self-esteem, a response to one's own values in the lover. Also, one's concern for the welfare of those he loves becomes a rational part of one's selfish interest. And only under emergency conditions should one volunteer to help strangers, if it is in one's power.
The Moral Purpose of Life
   We know by their actions that political conservatives are mean-spirited. They are at times cruel. Their disdain for the poor is appalling and their love of the rich is pathological. The conservative credo is that the moral purpose of life is the achievement of one's own happiness and to hell with all else. They wrap their crass selfishness up in the flag, patriotism, free market economics, mom, apple pie, Chevrolet, and populism. If George Washington had been a conservative he and his men would never have suffered that horrible winter at Valley Forge and there would be no United States of America today. He would have said to hell with this and went home to a nice warm fire, a book, and an easy chair.
Convictions Out of Context
   By now it is hoped that it is understood that political conservatives hold convictions out of context. They vehemently preach the letter of the law and forget the spirit. They screech at every chance they get that our government, We the People, is the most dangerous threat to our lives and freedom. But huge corporations can bleed taxpayers dry and treat workers like commodities--can even kill workers--and all is well. We must all bow down to the almighty corporation. Today's form of perverted capitalism has become the political conservative's religion--money is his god and the bank is his church.
Promises, Promises
   Political conservatives make promises they cannot keep. They promise that tax cuts for the rich will stimulate the economy and create jobs. This is a lie. One needs only to look to history to see that high tax rates on the rich stimulate the economy, cut the federal deficit, and create jobs. Under G. W. Bush's administration only 1 million jobs were created in 8 years, while 22 million jobs were created under Bill Clinton after taxes were raised and he left office with a surplus. Conservatives promise balanced budgets when they are out of power and when in power they claim that deficits do not matter. No Republican in recent memory has ever presided over a surplus. Political conservatives believe all would be well if we just returned prayer to school and we could stop women from having abortions, while also preventing gays from marrying. These goals are contradictory and make a mockery of the belief in individual freedom. Social conservatives are represented by the religious right who have no respect for laws or tolerance. They want their agenda fulfilled no matter what. Fiscal conservatives claim to be interested in tax cuts and balanced budgets, along with a small and weak government that will be no match for big money and corporations. The fiscal conservative still has not found a truly successful way of masking his crass greed and selfishness no matter how it is spun. The balanced budgets and tax cuts for the rich are just glaring examples of this greed and selfishness. Political conservatives have since the Reagan era turned economic theory on its head so that it favors the rich--the non-producers of wealth--over the worker, the real producer of wealth. Abraham Lincoln said it clearly that labor is before capital.
Societal Evolution
   If selfishness is a virtue then we as a society have not evolved at all. Every king, Pharaoh and potentate throughout history has practiced selfishness as a virtue. Nathaniel Brandon wrote that our emotional mechanism works according to the kind of values we choose. If we choose selfishness as a virtue then how does this help us in our quest to be civilized or part of a community? Obviously, it does not. Selfishness as a virtue pits individual against individual for the commodities and elements of life--might makes right--it becomes a dog-eat-dog world.
   Ayn Rand wrote that morality deals with issues open to our choice and that rights are a moral concept. Individual rights are the means of subordinating society to moral law. Groups have no rights. Only individuals have rights and the purpose of government is to protect individual rights. Political conservatives, however, do not like people banding together to get their due, conservatives like to pick us off one by one. It should be understood by now that if we foster selfishness as a virtue, then we will have a society where only the wealthy, powerful, or well-connected will prosper.
   The touting of selfishness as a virtue is pure propaganda. It is propaganda developed to justify greed. Selfishness as a virtue is a way to put a positive spin on the greed of the wealthy, powerful, and well-connected. In this spinning process the greedy were able to turn the average person's healthy envy and criticism of the rich into a fear and hate of government. The criticism of selfishness has been turned into an attack on self-esteem and the so called "producers" of society. And today we see very little criticism of this propaganda. Critics, liberal and otherwise, have failed to understand that the conservative is defeated when he is deprived of his religious moral high ground. Conservatives claim morals come from God and those who have not found Jesus are lost. At the base of all conservative talk of reform, populism, and revolution is this sense of owning the moral high ground--this religious arrogance. Conservatism cannot be defeated without attacking and undermining this perceived moral high ground. Because we as a nation are constitutionally tolerant of those who worship gods that cannot be proved to exist, we allow the conservative to lie and deceive where religion is concerned. When these lies are believed by wrong-headed people we end up with bin-Ladens and other religious fanatics. When enough wrong-headed people believe nonsense, they can have it inscribed in law for you and me. They can prohibit. They can censor. They can practice racism. They can, as they have done in the past, kill you and me.
Born Selfish
   We are all born selfish and self-centered and in need. Normally, as we grow and evolve we learn to care for and need others. The capacity to care for and need others is a natural result of instinctual gratification, according to Wilhelm Reich. In this way we grow up relatively emotionally unblocked. It is then easy for us to give of ourselves freely and to know love--we outgrow selfishness. Those advocating selfishness as a virtue are stunted in their emotional growth--they are emotionally immature. What we learn from this is that selfishness is not a virtue, it is an infantile emotion. Drug dealers are selfish. Wall Street bankers are selfish. Muggers are selfish. Rapists are selfish. Those in organized crime are selfish and the Bible states that Satan is selfish. Selfishness is not a virtue, it is a sign of pathology. It is a mask that hides the get way of life--the devil's way of life. Selfishness as a virtue cannot work in communal settings: family, marriage, society, and civilization.
Anti-Selfishness Sentiment
   America was built on anti-selfishness sentiment. The Stamp Act was selfish and Americans protested it. The British plundering of the American colonies was selfish and the colonies went to war with Britain to stop it. Much more can be said, but by now to any critical thinker the point is made. There used to be a healthy anti-rich sentiment in America, but a very successful conservative propaganda campaign in at least the last 30 years has turned greed and selfishness into a virtue and it is claimed that there is religious authority to have done so! These blatant lies and delusions must be unmasked, undermined, countered forcefully and stopped. It must be made plain that selfishness is not a virtue, it is an emotional problem, it is pathology.
The End
From CENSORED--113 copyright 2010 by W. J. Eisenman
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Breach of Contract 

    Credit card companies are sending out termination letters to some of their best customers--those who pay the minimum amount each month but have never been late or missed a payment. The companies are cutting off access to further credit for these customers, but they claim the customer must continue to pay his bill! Is this not breach of contract? One party to a contract cannot have all the power.


    A contract is a meeting of the minds on an equal playing field. As it stands, the credit card companies have all the power; they can change the contract arbitrarily and capriciously any time they feel like it. Does this not nullify the contract? Cannot then the customer refuse to pay the rest of his bill if his credit line is taken away in this manner?


    Our economy works on a credit basis. Credit is vital. Credit is too important to be left to corrupt and venal banks and finance companies. Credit card companies must be challenged by individuals and by appropriate legislation. The financial meltdown has taught us one thing: We must cease this obscene genuflecting to monied corporations. This deference is unseemly and dangerous. If a credit card company terminates you for no good reason, then you should not be liable for your balance; they have breached the contract.



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