Here's some of my pics:

blue bkgrd.jpg (36644 bytes)   Hollyfountain.jpg (20395 bytes)  hollyJune2001a.jpg (15709 bytes)  Hollysoftball.jpg (60665 bytes)  hollyturtle.jpg (38225 bytes)

 hollybaby1.jpg (16197 bytes) As a baby with my best friend Pooh!


Hollyhsgrad94.jpg (36339 bytes)  My high school graduation picture


Beaver's Bend (outside of Broken Bow, Oklahoma):

hollybeaversbend2001b.jpg (22923 bytes)   hollybeaversbend2001a.jpg (21559 bytes)





From my ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado in February 2000:

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Craziness (Yep, that's me!):

cousinit.jpg (24879 bytes)  Cousin It

Goofyholly.jpg (53071 bytes) Playing with Straws at Dairy Queen

Can you guess what I'm making?



My car!

jetta1.jpg (25843 bytes)


My tattoo:

tattoo.jpg (12239 bytes)


Kid Pics


I'm the young one, as opposed the older or green one.

That's my cousin Michelle with me.

hollykermitmichelle.jpg (14103 bytes)         hollykermit.jpg (8353 bytes)


I wanna go HOME


updated 11-12-01