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1) Journal of Individualist Studies

Vol. 1, Nr. 1 Winter 1992
Vol. 1, Nr. 2 Fall 1992
Vol. 1, Nr. 3 Summer 1995
Vol. 1, Nr. 4 Fall 1995

2) List of Potential Topics, Journal of Individualist Studies

3) Download free publication (343k): "Evidence of a Master Conspiracy by William H. McIlhany (Transcript of a Seminar April 4, 1987, Santa Monica, California with 1989-1995 Supplement)"

4) NOW AVAILABLE: trade paperback reprint of William H. McIlhany, The Tax-Exempt Foundations, Arlington House, 1980. $37.50 postpaid. The only complete history of the Reece Committee as told by the late Norman Dodd.

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2) Potential content topics (unpublished material)

A philosophical defense of the conspiratorial view of history

Errors and misunderstandings of past conspiratorial theorists

The utilization and promotion of collectivist philosophy (Kant to positivists) by the Master Conspiracy

The conspiratorial roots of organized anti-Semitism and racism

The portrayal of conspiracy in contemporary literature and film

The philosophical assumptions of individualism and collectivism

The consequences of the absence of natural law pleading in modern jurisprudence

The Illuminati's direction of the campaigns for German and Italian unification, 1820-1870

The Catholic contribution to conspiratorial scholarship, 1798-1940

The relationship between revisionist and conspiratorial theses of history on World Wars I and II

The stifling effect of strict empiricist methodology in the sciences

The continuity of the Illuminati from 1789-1848-1914

The Master Conspiracy behind the American Civil War and Lincoln's assassination The PaIladian Rite controversy, 1885-1897

Identifying and answering enforced academic orthodoxies

Conspiratorial infiltration of orthodox religious institutions


Select papers of the Illuminati and Carbonari

Documents proving the Illuminati's survival after 1789

Mirabeau's written plan for the subversion of Freemasonry

Distinctions between the authority and activist levels of the Master Conspiracy

Illuminist links to the KGB

The Master Conspiracy's creation of the historical conflict in Ireland

Growth of conspiratorial power in Mexico

Excerpts from classic works such as Barruel's Memoirs of Jacobinism

Excerpts from anti-Conspiracy periodicals: the British Patriot and the French International Review of Secret Societies

Watergates of the Past: Napoleon and Hitler


Alternative annotated bibliographies on major topics

Suggested reading and available classroom text materials

Review of new books and journal articles

A 4-issue subscription to the Journal is available for a suggested minimum donation of $100.

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