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The Secret Diary of Miroku

Day 1


Found Sango polishing Hirakotsu

Hand slipped

Building up a tolerance for being hit with giant boomerangs


Day 2


Tried to impart my wisdom upon Shippou

Girls decided I was not the best person for this job


Day 3


Kirara has taken to following me

It hurts that the girls have no faith in me


Day 3 (later)


Bribed Kirara so I could take a stroll near the hot springs


Day 3 (little later)


Girls did not believe it was an innocent mistake


Day 4


Mesmerized by the sight of my lovely Sango

Ended up walking into a tree


Day 5


Sango moved too quickly

Groped Inuyasha

May need therapy


Day 6


Inuyasha growled when I got too close

Walked with Kagome and Sango

Wrong hand slipped

Slapped by Inuyasha and Sango


Day 7


Was able to procure a resting place for the night

Village was full of old women

Very disappointing


Day 8


Attempted to hide Hirakotsu

Kirara ratted me out

Sango not amused


Day 9


Wondered just how many hidden weapons Sango had under her yukata

Decided it was safer not to test my assumptions


Day 10


Tested assumptions

Many weapons

Lots of shouting


Day 10 (later)


Was worth it


Day 10 (little later)


Well worth it


Day 11


Sango refused to talk to me

Shippou offered advice


Day 11 (later)


Shippou is a liar


Day 12


Kagome offered to lock Sango in a room with me

Very excited about this proposal


Day 12 (later)


Kagome was joking

Very disappointed

Inuyasha laughed


Day 13


Have not groped Sango in three days

Having withdrawals


Day 14


Sango spoke to me


Day 15


Complimented Sango

She blushed

Am very pleased with myself


Day 15 (later)


Hand slipped

Did not buy the excuse that it was part of the curse


Day 16


Sango walked next to me

Decided Kirara should walk between us


Day 17


Sango carried Shippou for a ways

Lucky kitsune


Day 18


Hatchi turned up

Asked me if I knew of any villages with beautiful women

Sango glared at me

I chose not to answer


Day 19


Returned to Kaede’s village

Strolled past hot springs

Very bad timing


Day 19 (later)


Images of Kaede in hot springs disturbing

Inuyasha laughing


Day 19 (little later)


Cannot sleep


Day 20


Afraid to close eyes

Sango worried that I have not blinked in over an hour


Day 21


Groped Sango

All is well

Thoughts filled with pleasant images of Sango


Day 22


Walked past a hot spring

Bad memories


Day 23


New village

Lovely women

Was groped

An odd feeling


Day 23 (later)


Sango dragged me away from the pretty village girls


Day 23 (little later)


Sango realized we were alone

Told me that if I touched her I would die


Day 23 (still later)


Tested that theory

Worth it


Day 24


Seeing stars

Still worth it


Day 25


Inuyasha insulted Kagome

She left

He followed

Am alone with Sango


Day 25 (later)


Kirara is very intimidating when in her large form


Day 26


Kirara mysteriously fell asleep

Shippou ratted me out

Sango not amused


Day 27


Kagome and Inuyasha are back



Day 28


Sango tripped

I do believe I was groped


Day 29


Sango refuses to admit it ever happened


Day 30


Promised to not grope if she admitted it had happened

Sango blushed and agreed


Day 30 (later)


Hand slipped

I was inspired to write a diary for Miroku after reading a friend's series of diaries for Sesshoumaru.  Mine is nowhere near as funny as her's are, but it makes me laugh.  Just a fun little piece

Don't own!!