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The actions of the past shape the events of the future

Title:  Irony
Author: me
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be.
He stared in awe at the tiny bundle in his arms.  Sleepy, blue eyes blinked at him as he ran a hand gently over her downy brown curls.  His little miracle.  Grinning, he gently cradled her against his chest, turning to face his wife. 
"Sango, we have truly been blessed.  She is absolutely gorgeous, just like her mother."
Sango sighed, rolling her eyes and giving her husband a half-hearted slap.  She leaned against his shoulder, reaching to smooth the blanket around the infant.  His free arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her close.  For the first time he felt complete.
Giggles filled the room as his daughter watched Shippou use his kitsune magic to entertain his daughter.  At five years of age she was already starting to resemble her mother.  Although she seemed to have inherited his ability to charm anyone and everyone around her.
Even Inuyasha could not refuse the small girl.  He had often come across the poor hanyou sitting with the lively little girl who loved to rub his ears.  She had become fascinated with them as soon as she had set her sights on his ears.  He knew Inuyasha's ears were sensitive, but he could never say no to the little girl who adored his very presence.
Shippou's acorn popped with a flash of smoke and she clapped, urging him to demonstrate more tricks. 
Her voice rang out across the field and he turned to Sango, watching her shake her head.  "She takes after you more and more each day."
"Sango, I cannot help it if she inherited my charms."  He smiled and she rolled her eyes.
"Just wait until she discovers boys.  Then you won't be so full of yourself."
"My dear, she is but a child of ten.  Surely, boys won't enter her life for a long while."
His wife laughed, grabbing his hand.  "We'll see about that."
Together, they watched as their daughter instructed her three brothers about the ways of the world.  The ways of getting "Uncle Inuyasha" to do anything for you, of course. 
Miroku placed a kiss on his wife's head, holding her close.  Their family had begun to grow, but his daughter still held a special place in his heart.  He loved all of his children dearly, of course, but the small girl would forever be his first miracle.
His hands clenched and he turned to Sango.  "Did you see what that boy did?"
His wife merely laughed.  "Miroku, have you forgotten what you were like at his age?"
"That has nothing to do with it.  He grabbed her hand and placed a kiss upon it." 
Sango laid a hand on his shoulder.  "Calm down.  She knows how to take care of herself.  And besides, I think she has him wrapped around her little finger.  Look at the way he looks at her.  It's sweet."
"It's lecherous."
"You are being unreasonable."
"She's just a child."
Sango glared.  "She's not a child any more Miroku.  She is only a year younger than I was when you first met me.  And if I recall, you were more forward than he ever had been."
Miroku sighed.  "Sango, are you telling me you approve of that boy?"
"I told you that boys would be coming around here before long."
"I can't say that I blame them.  She does take after her mother in looks."  He smiled hopefully at her.
Rolling her eyes, she wrapped her arms around his waist and held him close.  "Don't change the subject.  Face it, our baby is growing up."
Miroku closed his eyes, returning his wife's embrace.  "I know.  But if you think I'm overreacting, wait til Inuyasha finds out."
Sango groaned.  "She'll never be able to settle down at this rate."
His little girl was all grown up.  And she wasn't so little anymore.  He hugged her tightly, glad to see her once again.  She had a family of her own now.  They separated and she was enveloped by her mother.
Her husband smiled at him, holding their new child and he offered the man a small smile.  His grandchild.  He lifted her into his arms, vaguely hearing his daughter talking  to Sango about various thing.  The baby gurgled happily and he found himself lost in her gaze. 
A rush of air caught his attention and he looked to see Inuyasha standing at his side.  "Looks like her little one inherited her grandmother's looks.  Lucky child."
Miroku glared and Inuyasha laughed.  The hanyou turned to his "niece" and hugged her close.  "You did good." 
Again, he found himself lost in his granddaughter's gaze.  Sango approached him, straightening the blanket around the child and he turned to her, grinning.  "Let's have another one."
The End

I really just wanted to write a fic with Miroku discovering that payback is a bitch.  So I gave him a daughter who had inherited Sango's looks.  I blame this on hearing "The Reason" by Hoobastank waaaaay too many times and then getting all sappy over "Every Heart" by BoA.  Yes, sap is not a good thing.

Not mine!