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Reincarnation is a Bitch

Stories torturing the characters!


Title: Reincarnation is a B!itch

Author: Me

Rating: PG-13, for the most part, may have some R rated ones in the future.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, I'm just playing with them. .

Notes: None of these will be connected, they are just a series of drabble type stories based on an idea I had. Characters will appear over and over and no one is safe. No flames please, but comments would be appreciated.  On to the first story!

It's All In the Ears

My, How the Tables Have Turned

The Fates are Cruel

Moving On

I had the idea to write a series of stories torturing the characters.  It was fun.  I continued to write it.  It became more fun.  Really, I just wanted to toy with the Inuyasha/Kagome "ship" because I do not like those two.  It morphed from there...

Not mine, never were, never will be