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Envy gets the better of everyone at some time.

Title: Envy (real original, eh?)
Author: Me
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine

100 on the dot!


I envy him. He can just sit there silently and get under my skin without saying a word. He is more talented than I will ever admit.

Watching him, I am tempted to reach out and touch him. This feeling is unnatural. This shell continues to confuse me more as each day passes. I feel urges I should not and I yearn to do things I have never before experienced.

A hand touches my shoulder and I turn, annoyed. It is the half-breed. He gives me that cocky smile and pokes my side. "Gettin’ friendly with the greenery again, pet?"

The End

Written for the spillyria drabble challenge.  Topic was "envy".  I could have gone the dirty route, but my twisted mind wanted to include the obsession with greenery.  And come on, silent? Spike? Pfft!

Not mine!