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Kagome's Revenge

Badfic, for the purpose of well, badfic

Title: Kagome’s Revenge

Author: Kat (whirlygirly@earthlink.net)

Rating: PG-13

Summery: Inuyasha hurts Kagome and she runs n2 th3 most unlikest p3rson!  Thats right, Sesshomaru!  This fic sux, so please be kind.




Kagome smiled as Hojo drove towards the school.  This year would be her best yet, she just knew it.  After her entire family had died in that horrible fire, she had thought she would never recover, but she had.  As they pulled into the parking lot, Hojo turned to her and smiled brightly.  “Kagome, would you want to go to the dance with me next week?”


She turned, tossing her lustrous, waste-length, raven-black hair over her shoulder.  It’s perfect sheen was one of her best features.  “Hojo, that’s so sweet.  I’ll think about it.”


She stepped out of the car and made her way into the school.  Hojo was *kawaii, but he wasn’t the one she wanted.  Now, Inuyasha, he was a catch.  Heading towards the cafeteria, she spotted him yelling at one of the ladies about the absence of ramen noodles.  He walked away, muttering about idiots and there brains being broken.


Giggling, she began walking toward him, only to spot Kikyo and Kagura already by his side.  She frowed, the two slutty cheerleaders were a thorn in her side.  Kikyo was always hitting on Inuyasha and Kagura was no better, going after every boy she could.


Watching Kikyo and Inuyasha, Kagome could feel the tears starting.  Turning, she fled the cafeteria only to run into the person behind her.  Falling, she gasped in surprise upon seeing who she had nearly tackled.  Sesshomaru. 


He glared at her and she stuttered an apology.  He stalked away from her and she watched him in awe.  *Hai, he was gorgeous. 


He disappeared around the corner and she ran to find her best friend Miroku.  He would know what to do.  Spotting her friend, she quickly made her way over to hisr side.


“*Oi, Miroku!  You’ll never guess what happened!”


Miroku smiled and nodded at her to continue.


“I saw Inuyasha and Kikyo together.  But then, I ran into Sesshomaru.  He scowled at me but I know deep down he’s just the silent, sensitive type.  And if I can date him, I can get back at Inuyasha, that *baka.” 


“Kagome, calm down.  I know you like Inuyasha, but are you sure about this?”


“Yes.  Don’t try to change my mind.”


He nodded, placing a hand on her shoulder.  “I won’t, Kagome.”  His hand wandered lower and she slapped him. 




He grinned sheepishly.  “You know I can’t help it.  By the way, did you hear the news?  We’ve got an exchange student here.  Her name is Sango.  (A/N:  I think we all know what will happen their!)  I haven’t seen her yet, though.”


“Is that all you think of?”  She glared at him and he just smiled shamelessly.


“Kagome, you know my weakness is pretty girls.”


Sighing, she walked away, hoping the new girl would survive Miroku.  She loved him as a friend, but at times she really questioned why she put up with him, he was such a *sukebe.  Besides, she had to go find Sesshomaru and get her revenge on Inuyasha.


She was about to enter the girl’s bathroom when she heard voices.  Kikyo and Kagura. 


“He agreed to go out with me.  Can you believe it?  He has the most gorgeous sapphire blue eyes I’ve ever seen.”


“Kagura, control yourself.  It’s not like you’ve never dated before.”


“Shut up Kikyo, he’s hot and those eyes are to die for.  Besides, I always have to listen to you prattle on about Inuyasha.”


Kagome had heard enough, she was about to walk away from the door, but it swung open and she came face to face with Kikyo.  Sweatdropping, she turned and ran, eager to get out of there presence.


She found herself bumping into Sesshomaru again.  He glared at her, but she remembered what had happened earlier.  “*Gomen, um, hi, I know you don’t know me all that well, but I was wondering if you would do me a favor?  Go to the dance with me?”


“*Iie!  Why should I?”


“Well, you see, I want to get revenge on your brother.  He’s cheating on me with that bitch Kikyo.”




Kagome rushed forward, hugging him.  “I knew it!  You really do have a heart of gold!”  Together, they walked down the hall, plotting ways to torture Inuyasha.


The End.  Now read and review!





Kawaii: cute

Hai: yes

Oi: hey

Hentai: pervert

Baka: idiot

Sukebe: letch

Gomen: sorry

Iie: no

Ah, badfic.  Written for Kristine Batey's Ultimate Inuyasha Challenge.  I just couldn't pass that up.  Plus, it was a nice change of pace for the grueling serious stories I usually write.  Enjoy, mock, and have fun!

Not mine, never will be mine.  No sue.