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Lost Without You

Title: Lost Without You

Rating: G




She’s gone.  Her scent, the way she fit against me just so…  It just isn’t the same without her.  I never thought I would lose her. 


I can feel them staring at me as I mourn my loss.  Like they don’t have anything better to do.  I turn, glaring, only to be met by the blue one herself.


“Why do you mourn?”


“She was a part of me.”


“Do you not have a replacement?”


“It’s not the same.”


“You will survive this tragedy.”


“I hope so pet.  I gave that leather coat some of the best years of my life.”


The End

And you all thought someone died, didn't you? lol

Written for the lj community spillyria drabble challenge.  Had to include leather.  Thought of this.  You all know he was mourning that coat.
And I'm proud to say that this placed as the runner up.  Technically second as it was first place and then runner up.

Not mine, never was, never will be.  Drat!