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Undeniable Urges

Title: Undeniable Urges

Author:  Me

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Decide for yourself

Spoilers: Anything aired up to 3.22 is fair game.  No real spoilers, just allusions.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters.

Note:  I wholeheartedly blame Jude for this.  She’s EVIL




She was back.  It was like a dream come true.  Standing in the doorway, she smiled, staring right into his eyes.  As she walked across the room to take a seat, he found his eyes glued to her legs.  Her beautiful, tanned, toned legs.


She spoke but he didn’t catch what was said.  He was too busy taking in her beauty to notice anything else.  He still couldn’t believe she was actually here.  After all that had happened, she had come back into his life. 


Her laughter broke into his thoughts and he gazed into her eyes.  Nothing could even begin to rival her beauty when she smiled.  And it was all for him.  He could barely contain himself any longer.  The thought of touching her skin was just too tempting to resist.


Moving forward, he sat beside her, content to just take in her beauty a moment longer.  He was ready to make his move.  Her eyes widened slightly and he grinned.  But then the moment was shattered.  She moved away from him and turned to look at his master.


“Vaughn, get your damn dog away from me.  I don’t like the look in his eyes.”




The End



In case you were wondering, this stemmed from a talk about just how bad fics can get, lmao.  I suggested something, Jude told me to write it.  Voila, and here it is.  Total humor.  Enjoy.

Don't own the characters, never will