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Encounter in the Night

Warehouse Encounter

Title: Encounter in the Night

Author: Kat

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Up to ep 12 of season 3

Note: Read it til the end, it’s not who you think it is.  Total AU


She walked into the dusty building, wondering again why she was to meet Vaughn here, of all places.  The warehouse held memories for him and she wasn’t all that anxious to dig them up again.  Memories from the past were better left undisturbed.


The lights barely lit the halls and she found herself having to navigate carefully, unless she wanted to walk straight into a chain link fence.  She took a deep breath and tried not to utter every curse word she knew, but she was damning him for choosing this place.  How did he ever expect to move on if he kept coming here?


She finally found her way through the clutter and saw him standing in front of one of the millions of crates.  She smiled, forgetting her anger.  He did try, but some days were harder than others.


Stepping forward, she cleared her throat, announcing her presence.  He turned and smiled as she approached.  He gathered her in his arms and held her close, placing a kiss on top of her hair.  One hand reached up and gently lifted some of the blondish curls. 


“Was this really necessary?”


“Yes.”  Her tone became bitter as she glared at him.


He sighed, trying to control his thoughts.  “You know why.”  Before she could respond, his mouth met hers.  His hands gripped her hair, pulling her even closer.  Pulling apart, she smirked at him.  “Don’t think all is forgiven.”


“Wouldn’t dream of it.”  He slowly ran one hand along her face, tracing her features.  Leaning down, he began to trail kisses along her neck, his hands playing with the buttons on her jacket.  "I hate these, you know," he murmured against her skin.


"The," she breathed heavily, distracted, "the what?"


"These fucking suits," he groaned in disgust, tearing the jacket open. Buttons clattered to the floor and the sound harshly echoed throughout the warehouse. He shoved the jacket off her shoulders and flung it aside; it caught on the edge of a crate, splintered wood tearing at the fabric.


His lips caught hers again and he guided her backwards, using his hips to pin her to the chain link fence as he shrugged off his own jacket, needing the extra mobility. She leaned back, thankful to have the support of something solid to keep her from falling.

She played with his tie, fiddling with it mindlessly as he unbuckled his belt and let his pants pool around his ankles. His boxers followed and his shirt maddeningly brushed the tip of his erection.


Reaching under her thigh, he hitched her leg up to rest on his hip. The skirt bunched up with the movement, hiked further by his free hand snaking up beneath it. He hooked a finger under her underwear and pulled at it roughly, felt it tear almost effortlessly.


"Though there is," he breathed roughly, his hand sliding around to cup her ass, "one good thing about these suits." He ground into her, feeling the fence give slightly under his added weight. "These skirts."


He pushed into her, stilling as her warmth engulfed him. Whatever happened in their lives, whatever arguments they had, he would always find comfort in that place inside her. He leaned back, meeting her eyes, and matched her intense gaze as he began to move.


The chain link fence shook and creaked rhythmically, and he seized the momentum it gave him, pounding into her. Instinctively, she reached for him, grabbing his shoulders tightly for balance, never letting her stare waver.


She shuddered once, a prelude, and as he bucked against her, she felt the full weight of her orgasm wash over her. With a desperate groan, he gave in and followed her, his breathing shallow and erratic.  He rested his face against her neck, placing gentle kisses along her ear. 


Slowly, she pushed against him, nearly falling as he moved back.  Barely catching herself against the fence, she turned away from his gaze and began to rearrange her clothing. 


Her jacket appeared at her left and she took it, brushing the splinters away.  Refusing to meet his gaze, she looked at the floor instead.  “Why did you choose the warehouse?”


“Why did you dye your hair blonde?”


“Why did you take the assignment?”


“Syd, you know why.”


“No!  I don’t know why!  How did everything get so screwed up?  We were so happy….”  She trailed off, furiously blinking back the tears.  “I want my old life back.”


He reached out to pull her into his arms but she lashed out, slapping his hands away.  “Don’t touch me.  Go home to her.  This was a mistake.”


Turning, she walked away, desperate to leave everything behind.  She didn’t want to hear anymore lies.  She just wanted to escape from everything.  Maybe <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Kendall had been right.  It was time to move on.

The End

Additional Notes:  You may wonder what exactly Vaughn was asking about?  He wanted to know why she had blonde hair and looked like Lauren.  This is just my little idea.  Syd saw him and Lauren, somehow contacted Vaughn, and that's when "Julia" gained the blonde do.  Also, it sort of explains why she went to Kendall.  She realized just how much had changed and she couldn't go through with everything.  That's my explanation and I'm sticking with it!

Written for Luna's 2004 Lovefest Challenge.  Muchos thanks to Jen!

Don't own the characters, never will