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Somewhere in Between

Syd, Vaughn, and the pier

Title: Somewhere In Between
Authors: Kat & Cels
Rating: PG
Notes: Challenge fic


For one moment. That was it. One moment in time was simple. Easy. Why couldn’t that moment last a lifetime?

Sydney sighed and turned away from the water. She leaned back against the rickety wood railing of the pier and closed her eyes. Still, all she saw was the water, the waves rolling in and out, and crashing against the supports of the pier. She turned back to face the ocean. It had such power. It could crush a vessel like it was nothing. Smash them up against rocks and show no remorse. The thought made her knees buckle and she leaned against the railing for support, head down in her hands.

That was SD-6. It was gone.

Dare she believe it? SD-6 being gone was as unfathomable to her as the ocean being a still lake. It wasn’t possible. She raised her head to look out at the horizon. A small boat bounced on the waves. A half smile played on her face as she watched that image unfold.

Sydney wanted to be that boat, to have so many possibilities open to her. She could turn her back to the rest of the world and sail off into an unknown future, or linger along the coast, stopping whenever she felt like it, or even retreat back to shore, back to the comfort and love of home. The sun seemed to shine down on her directly and she raised her face to that warmth.

“That’s a beautiful sight.”

She stilled. That voice. Calming, soothing, warmth. Like the sun. A smile formed at the edges of her mouth and she turned to face him.

“Nice to see you, too.”

They stood in silence, just smiling at each other. Finally, quietly, she spoke.

“Thank you.” He stared back at her with those eyes. In fact, it felt more like he was staring into her with those eyes. She was melting and it wasn’t the sun. Sydney turned away, she needed to tell him. “Thank you for everything. For everything then, everything now, and everything that’s to come.”

She raised her eyes to look back at his. He was smiling.

“Syd,” he said, “this can’t be easy for you. I know everything that you’ve invested in this, everything that you’ve sacrificed. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to help you get through this.”

She sighed and looked back over the ocean. "Vaughn it's all so complicated. I don't know quite what to believe.” She knelt down on the pier, leaning her head against the wooden slats. He moved closer to her an placed one hand on her shoulder.

His hand traveled to her side, pulling her close. "Syd, we'll get through this. I promise." He placed a kiss on the top of her head. "Do you know what tomorrow is?"

Sydney nodded, not knowing what to say. He continued on, "It's Valentine's day."

"I remember one year when I was still in France. I wanted to give this one girl a Valentine. I was shy, but I wanted her to know."

Sydney leaned back against his chest, content for the moment to just listen. Vaughn ran a hand through his hair, taking a deep breath.

"She was my teacher and I was only 5. She let me down gently, but I don't think I ever got over the rejection." He laughed, holding her tightly. "Until I met you, that is. All thoughts of other women flew out of my head."

Sydney laughed. "Vaughn, you don't mean that."

Vaughn placed his chin on her head. "Do you think I just kiss any girl after taking down the Alliance?"

Sydney grew quiet, thinking of the one girl. "Alice...."

He didn't let her finish. "...is nothing more then a friend."

She held on to his arm. "I'm sorry Vaughn, but she's always there in my mind, taunting me, telling me that you’re hers."

She turned her head to let it rest in the crook of his arm. It felt odd to be sitting here, talking about her, but still feeling so right.

"Vaughn, we've gone through so much together. I'm so tired of fighting for things." She closed her eyes. So tired. "Why can't things just be simple?"
Vaughn sighed. "If things were simple, we wouldn't learn from our mistakes."

Sydney closed her eyes, letting Vaughn's words wash over her. She wanted to be able to stand here with Vaughn every day, but it wasn't sinking in that they were able to do this. It all seemed surreal.

She turned to him and softly said, “When will it all seem real?

"Syd, it is real. You just need to trust me." She heard him pause, his voice catching in his throat before he continued. "I had this big thing planned. I thought you might like it. But sitting here, with you now, it really seems unnecessary." He handed her a small rectangular box and she took it. "I want you to have this,” he told her.

She looked at the box – purple and silver wrapping. “Nice wrapping,” she grinned. “Do you need a lesson on Valentine’s colors?”

“You’ll see,” he said with a little twinkle in his eye.

She opened the box and looked at him in disbelief. "These are for June," she said. "It's only February! I think we need to get you a new calendar." She laughed.

"Well, you have to hold out hope,” he said knowingly. “There's always the playoffs.”

Her eyes met his. "Seriously, I can't believe you remembered. That was so long ago."

"We always said we would go to a hockey game."

She turned, wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his neck. "Thank you," she quietly whispered. She felt his hands reach up and hold her tight. "You're welcome," was the equally quiet response.

They sat there in silence. Each holding the other tightly, not wanting to let go. Sydney knew her choice was made. She was retreating back to shore, to home. To the comfort and love she knew was waiting.

This was sort of an experiment.  I wrote a sentence, Cels wrote a sentence.  We had a ton of fun with this story and it was recieved well beyond my expectations, lol. 

JJ owns the characters and the show