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Want. Take. Have

Jack and Irina; The Getaway

Title: Want, Take, Have
Author: Katrina
Spoilers: The Getaway
Disclaimer: I don't own
Rating: NC-17

Jack entered the cell, wondering if this was really the best plan. He chanced a glance towards Irina and couldn't help but think of how beautiful she looked. She had always been his weakness, his addiction. She had known him in ways that he never thought possible. Before the lies and deceit had been revealed, life had been perfect. Then the world crashed around him when he found out the truth.

Irina Derevko had been his wife for ten years and he had known absolutely nothing about her. Everything he had loved about her had been a lie. He had been devastated when she had been presumed dead in the car accident. When he had been forced to leave Sydney and stay in solitary confinement, he had realized how naive he had been. The signs had been there, but he had been blinded by Irina.

She had known exactly how to use her body to distract him. Her hips swaying, her smile coy, it had all led to his downfall. His body still reacted at the sight of her. After all these years, he still yearned to touch her once more and forget about everything that had happened between them.

He steeled himself, as he sat across the table from Irina. She looked up at him with a small smile on her face. He was thrown back to a time when she had run to meet him at the door and showered him with smiles and kisses. Things had been so much easier when he had believed she loved him.

He gave her a brief smile, unsure of her thoughts. She was willing to help him uncover the mole, but for what reasons. He couldn't bring himself to trust her. Every time he had begun to put faith in her, he had been proven wrong. He didn't want to open his heart to her again, only to have her trample all over it.

He handed her the stack of papers and silently watched as she shuffled through them, intent on finding information. His eyes stayed on her as she bit her lip, concentrating on the words in front of her. Hiis thoughts were focused on clearing his names, but his eyes focused on the woman in front of him.

Every few minutes, she would shift uncomfortably and rub at her neck. He knew it was a dangerous thing to do, but he couldn't help himself. "What's wrong?"

Irina looked up, surprised. "My neck has been bothering me."

Jack caught the pained expression on her face and stood. "Let me."

Irina looked away. "You always were good at this."

He hesitantly placed his hands in the proper position and slowly began to knead the muscles. She stiffened as he worked a particularly tense muscle and Jack leaned forward, working it harder. "The trick is to keep breathing."

Irina nodded slightly and concentrated on breathing as Jack's hands worked the tension out of her neck and shoulder muscles. She sighed in contentment as her muscles loosened and she was able to move her neck without it being in pain. Jack removed his hands and walked toward his chair. He dragged it closer to Irina and caught the smile on her face.

He could still feel the silk of her skin and needed a distraction. He picked up one of the various sheets of paper and pointed out some small tidbit of information. Irina leaned closer and his breathing hitched. His pen rolled off the table and he leaned down to grab it, only to meet Irina face to face.


Damning the consequences, he pulled her towards him. He savored the feeling of her arms around his neck and her lips touching his. He ran his hands through her hair, gently pulling her closer. It had been so long and he couldn't get enough of her. He shifted so that she was straddling his lap and concentrated on recalling every inch of her skin.

She eagerly returned his kisses and rocked against him, causing him to pull away. He could see the desire in her eyes and returned his attention to driving her crazy. He kissed along her jaw-line and moved lower. She held her breath, trying to anticipate his next move.

His hands played with the material of her tank top, slowly pushing it up. He lightly ran his fingers over the exposed skin and felt a shiver run through her body. He pulled the tank top off of her and she leaned back against the table. Her hands fell to his belt and quickly removed it, moving to undo his pants.

Jack stood, lifting Irina in his arms, and placed her on the table. She pushed his pants down and grabbed his tie, pulling him forward. He lifted her hips and pushed her pants downwards, leaving her in only her bra and panties. He stripped the last layers of clothing off of her and leaned down to kiss her thoroughly.

Irina reached for his boxers and shoved them out of the way. Jack pulled her close, needing to be inside of her. He entered her in one quick thrust and kissed her, swallowing her moan of pleasure. She arched against him, caught up in the sensation of having him inside of her.

She arched against him, curving her body to his as he slid out, and pushed himself into her again, harder. His hands gripped the table for support, arms locked at the elbows.

Wrapping her own arms around his torso, she grabbed his ass, pulling her body up to match his thrusts. His mind clouded over, and he leaned down, burying his face in the crook of her neck.

He came inside her with a groan, his breath heavy and strained. Her hips bucked into his, her grip tightening on him. She froze for a second, her body tense, and he pushed into her again. Her breath caught in her chest as her muscles contracted around him, and she shuddered briefly, pleasure crashing over her like a wave.

When his breath slowed back to normal, he moved away, his eyes meeting hers in an intense stare. He opened his mouth, though instead of speaking, he licked his bottom lip, and pulled out of her. She leaned back, her arms propping her up on the table, and watched him, as her breathing evened.

Her eyes ran over his body and she gave him a small smile, sitting up and grabbing his tie. "We should really get back to work. Not that I didn't enjoy that." She pulled on the tie once more, bringing his face to hers. They shared one final kiss before Irina stepped off the table and began to dress.

Jack pulled his boxers and pants on and straightened out the shirt, not bothering to fix the tie. He pulled the chair to the other side of the table and sat, waiting for her to return to her seat before continuing their search. Irina sat and they shared the next half hour in silence, looking through the records, occasionally sharing a smile.

Absent-mindedly fingering his tie, Jack damned himself. He was beginning to rely on her once more and they had a shaky trust developing. But he couldn't help himself. He couldn't stay away from her, she was his weakness, whether he wanted to admit it or not.


Jen wrote the smut, and I do believe this was my first J/I story


Alias and the characters belong to JJ and Bad Robot