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Title: Frustration
Author: Kat
Rating: R/NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own


Jack walked down the hallway towards the cell. He stopped when he came face to face with Irina. She looked a bit shocked to see him and he couldn't blame her. He must look like a mess. He had just come from a meeting with Ariana Kane and he was exhausted.

He had bribed the guards to leave the vicinity for a half hour and he had jammed the signals for the cameras surrounding Irina's cell. He pulled out the key to the cell and carefully unlocked it, stepping inside.

Irina's delicate eyebrows rose as he came closer to her but she stayed still. He reached his hand out to brush a lock of hair out of her eyes and she gave him a confused look. "Jack..."

"Shh..." He trailed his hand down her arm and ignored the knowing smile that spread across her face. It felt oddly comforting to be able to touch her again after all these years. It was wrong and he knew he was playing with fire, but he couldn't help himself.

Irina stepped back and he stopped her, grabbing her arm. He approached her and kissed her hungrily. She stilled at first not knowing what to expect but soon relaxed and returned the kiss. He pushed her towards the small bed and laid on top of her, relishing the feeling of her hands threading through his hair.

He moved to hands towards her waist and kneaded the muscles there making her sigh. He loved how she was still as responsive to his touch as she had been all those years ago. His hands pushed the shirt up and roamed over every inch of skin that was bared. He pulled the shirt off and her hands went to work unbuttoning his shirt. 

They quickly undressed each other and fell back into the bed, enjoying the feeling of being skin to skin. Jack nibbled along her pulse point making her quiver and arch against him. He teased and tormented her until she pleaded with him. 

He slid into her and groaned at the feeling of being inside her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held him close. He began to thrust hard and Irina moaned in satisfaction. He ran his hands over her body enjoying her little whimpers and hushed pleas.

He lost himself in her body and felt his release coming. She came just moments before he did moaning his name. He collapsed on top of her and took a moment to gather himself. She lay back with a dazed expression on her face and smiled up at him in silent thanks. 

He gave her a level look. "We both needed that. Don't think that this means anything."

She gave him a knowing smile as he dressed and walked out of the cell, locking it behind him. They both knew it would happen again eventually.

Another early attempt at J/I.  I look back at these and laugh, lol


Don't own the characters or the show