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Certain Things


Title: Certain Things
Author: Kat 
Disclaimer: I don't own them 
Rating: R  

She sat on the metal bed with the thing mattress, thinking. She was still married to Jack. Marriage to Jack had been wonderful while she was Laura. Sweet, perfect Laura who could do no wrong. She wondered what Jack would think if he knew where her thoughts were at the moment.

Jack had been able to do things to her that she had never before experienced. She'd had men before, but they weren't as skilled as Jack when it came to her. They had focused on themselves, while Jack had focused his energies on making her happy.

She could still remember every moment they had spent together. Sighs and moans escaping their mouths as they explored each others bodies. Fingers caressing skin and reaching sensitive spots. 

She flushed thinking back to the times when Jack had slowly undressed her and kissed every inch of skin that he had uncovered. He had lavished attention on every part of her body and managed to make her feel like her bones had liquefied.

His mouth had always done wonderful things. He had nipped and licked around her neck, moving to her shoulder and collarbone and making her moan his name. He had always enjoyed it when she said his name out loud. 

He knew her ticklish spots and always took advantage of them. He would always make her shiver in anticipation as he explored her body at ease. It had been all she could do not to cry out in frustration as he made teased and tormented her with his mouth and hands.

He would laugh and finally give in when she couldn't take it anymore. He would kiss her thoroughly and enter her slowly, making her squirm. She would lift her hips and try to quicken the pace. He would tease her about her impatience until the both of them gave up the charade and lost themselves in each other, the pleasure overwhelming both of them.

He would always hold her afterwards, stroking her arm, her hair, any part of her he could reach. He had cherished her and she had betrayed him. She hated that she had been forced to lie and keep things from him. She had wanted nothing more than to tell him the truth and have him wrap her in his arms and tell her it would all be ok.

She leaned her head against the wall as a lone tear fell. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Now was not the time for tears. She sighed, knowing it was useless. She tried to close her eyes and hopefully fall asleep. In her dreams she still had Jack and he never called her Laura, only Irina.

I do believe this is my first J/I story.  And I do believe it was shortly after I met Jen, lol.  Pretty sucky, but not horrible


Don't own em, just playing