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Syd drabble

Title: Breathing
Author: Kat
Rating: G
Spoilers for the third season most likely
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be
Written for the drabble challenge


In, out. In, out. The steady rhythm of breathing masks her inner turmoil. Inside she feels broken, shattered. Her world is in shambles and she doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

Two years of her life are missing and it scares her. Everything has changed. The man she loves is married. Her father is in a holding cell. Her mother is on the run.

She runs along the cement path of the park, her breathing starting to falter. Slowing down, she stops and watches the world around her. Families sharing picnics, couples walking dogs, children playing.

A lone tear trails down her cheek, but she hardly notices as she loses herself in what she sees. The world has moved on without her, as hard as it is for her to believe. She doesn’t blame them; she just wishes things could have been different.

A lone figure watches her and she tries to ignore it. He blames himself, but he had every right to move on. She doesn’t blame him, she understands why. Sighing, she begins to jog once more down the pathway. Steeling herself, she drowns out the noise of happy people and concentrates on breathing. In, out. In, out.

Written for Em's Drabble Challenge, it placed first in Sydney POV.  I feel honored that I won for a story I actually like, lol.  I wanted to do a short little thing just to warm up and I wanted to try a new style.  This was born...
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