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Under the Stars

Stakeouts have their good points

Author: Kat
Rating: R/NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own them
Spoilers: None at all

Sydney silently crept through the woods, hoping to find a place to survey the camp site. Sloane wanted her to grab the disks from the man with the gold tooth. She shook her head at the thought. What kind of description was that?

She found a large oak tree and settled down. She could see the camp and was still far enough away so that she wouldn't be detected. She didn't see any signs of anyone around, but one look at the camp grounds told her that they would be back. She radioed Dixon, "No one is around. I just see empty Jack Daniels bottles and some empty vodka flasks."

Dixon laughed, "Real exciting mission, I take it."

"Dixon, at the rate this is going, I'll be sitting here all night. I'm going to go radio silent unless I hear something or need your help."

"Got it Syd."

Sydney turned off the com link and rummaged through the bag she had bought along. She had a feeling that this was going to be a while. She pulled out a granola bar, wishing she was at home eating Francie's cooking instead.

She leaned back against the oak, taking the time to just watch the scenery around her. The sun was beginning to set and she could see all the vibrant colors. The pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds would slowly turn into shades of purple, blue, and navy. The leaves nearby rustled in the wind and she watched a squirrel dart off with an acorn.

She looked at her watch and groaned in frustration when she saw that only 5 minutes had passed. She had the fake disks for SD-6 but the "man with the gold tooth" wasn't showing up for the disks she had to give to the CIA. She wished that she could have had a partner with her on this mission, but knew it was impossible. Dixon was on the com link and she had no clue where Vaughn was.

When she had recieved her counter mission he had been secretive and wouldn't tell her his part of the mission. She had wanted to just grab him by that shoulder holster, shake him, and make him tell her what he kept smiling about. She looked at her watch again and saw that only 2 more minutes had passed.

She leaned down and hid her face in her lap, covering her mouth and let loose a scream. She was bored. Bored enough to start contemplating throwing things at the nearby trees. Maybe even bored enough to go pick up one of those vodka flasks to make the time fly by.

She looked up at the barely visible moon and sighed. She searched her bag once again and hoped there was something in there that would occupy her for a few moments. The camp ground was eerily quiet and she needed a distraction.

When she was ready to give up her hand brushed against something that made her cheeks turn bright red. She was going to kill Francie for this. She pulled out the book and found a note inside. 'Hope this livens up your trip. Francie'

She stared at the cover of the book and her cheeks got redder. The cover of the romance novel was practically indecent and it was making her mind wander. Thoughts of how to put the crates in the warehouse to good use made her laugh quietly.

She fingered the edges of the book and decided it couldn't hurt to get lost in reading for a bit. She had just wished for a good distraction after all and this book would give her plenty of fantasies for later. She took out a small flashlight and began to get lost in the book.


Sydney was so engrossed in the book that she barely registered the flashes of light in the distance. She looked up and saw the light of a flashlight getting closer and closer. She quickly dropped the book and stood against the tree, hoping that it was just Dixon coming to check up on her. She was about to turn the com link back on when she saw the flashlight beam coming near the oak.

She stepped forward and nearly screamed when she saw who it was. Vaughn shot a hand out and covered her mouth to quiet her. He looked around and grabbed Sydney, pulling her back behind the oak. "Sydney, sorry for having to startle you like that."

He removed his hand and Sydney glared at him. She slapped his shoulder and he smirked at her. "Don't ever do that agin."

Vaughn laughed. "If you could have seen the look on your face.."

Sydney laughed, despite trying to stay mad. She was still feeling a bit flushed from the book and she looked away from Vaughn. The last thing she needed was for her mind to wander back to those fantasies. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and noticed that he was taking off the grey jacket he had been wearing.

She settled down against the trunk of the tree and closed her eyes. She heard Vaughn sit beside her and she opened her eyes to see his huge grin. "Missing this?" He held up the book and Sydney flushed bright red.

She grabbed it and stuffed it in her bag, refusing to make eye contact with Vaughn. Her mind still raced through images of the two of them doing things the book had inspired. She heard Vaughn's quiet laugh and turned to glare at him.

He leaned closer and produced a bottle of suntan lotion. "Your face is bright red, maybe this will help." He squirted a bit on his fingers and gently rubbed the lotion on her nose and cheeks.

She stared at him, not knowing how to react. This was Vaughn. Her handler. And he was gently rubbing lotion onto her face. She closed her eyes and let the sensations of his fingers caressing her face ease her. She nearly whimpered when he stopped.

She opened her eyes, her senses on overload. "What are you doing here?"

Vaughn smiled at her. "We caught the guys who were using this camp and the CIA has the disks. Just radio Dixon eventually and tell him you got them. Simple as that."

"Simple?" Sydney stared at him. He thought this was simple? She just wanted to pounce on him and make all her fantasies come true. Her breathing hitched as his hand grabbed hers.

He smiled at her, clueless to what his touch was doing to her. If she didn't stop him from touching her she was going to be putty in his hands. She cursed Francie for sticking that book in her bag. But who was she kidding? It had certainly given her an enjoyable way to pass the time. Now if only Vaughn would stop rubbing her hand.

Vaughn moved closer and she could smell his cologne. She took a deep breath, not knowing what to expect. His hand now rested on top of her knee and she turned to him, only to meet him nose to nose. They sat, staring at one another until Sydney couldn't take it any longer. She grabbed his face and kissed him, pushing him backwards. She sat up and straddled his body, leaning down for another kiss.

Vaughn didn't complain, instead moving his hands through her hair and bringing her closer. Sydney pulled back a bit to catch her breath and Vaughn wrapped his arms around her waist. "So did that book give you any good ideas?"

Sydney managed not to blush, instead moving to whisper in his ear. "You have no idea what I plan to do to you." She kissed him and her hands moved to unbutton his shirt. He returned the kiss and started to tug at her sweater. Sydney rose and grabbed the edges of the sweater, taking it off and tossing it on top of a nearby pile of leaves. She unbuttoned Vaughn's shirt all the way and sat back enjoying the view.

She ran her hands along his chest and traced the contours of his muscles. She leaned down to plant kisses along his chest and she felt him shiver in anticipation. She loved knowing that she had this kind of power over him.

His hands roamed under her t-shirt and she tried not to shudder when he reached a tickilish spot. His hands skimmed along her back, slowly bringing her shirt up. Sydney pulled it off in one swift motion and lay back across Vaughn's chest. They began to kiss again and Sydney barely noticed when he rolled them over so that he was now on top.

Vaughn reached over and grabbed his coat, settling Sydney on top of it. She smiled as he unhooked her bra and began to focus his attention on her breasts. She didn't care that they were outside with only a tree to shelter them from whoever should happen upon them. All she cared about was the fact that Vaughn was here doing wicked things to her.

Vaughn began to slowly massage her shoulders and moved towards her breasts. Her breathing became ragged and his pulled back showing her a devilish grin. She took the opportunity to unbutton the fly of his jeans and push them down. He grinned at her and returned the favor, leaning down to kiss her stomach.

He removed his socks, shows and jeans and helped Sydney out of hers. He returned to kiss her nose and moved to nibble on her neck. His mouth slowly moved up to her ear and Sydney let the sensations wash over her body. She barely noticed the cool air as Vaughn concentrated on keeping her warm.

His mouth traveled down her neck and she bit her cheek to keep from moaning. He lavished attention on her chest and kissed each and every one of her ribs. Her stomach muscles fluttered and she was barely able to control herself. Vaughn moved lower yet and nibbled the skin above her belly button. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly removed them, kissing his way lower.

Sydney shivered and Vaughn looked up, a satisfied smile on his face. He removed his boxers and stared into Sydney's eyes, silently asking her permission. She grabbed his arms and pulled him on top of her. He entered her slowly making her gasp.

He entered her fully and stilled, letting her get used to the feeling. She arched her hips, begging him to move and he started a slow rythym. She wrapped her legs around him and he started to move faster. She sighed and lost herself in the feeling of Vaughn inside her.

For once in her life she was actually grateful that the mission had been slow. She wrapped her arms around Vaughn as she felt her muscles contracting. She shouted Vaughn's name as she came and was glad that she had remembered to go radio silent with Dixon.

Vaughn continued to thrust inside of her, reaching his own climax. He lay on top of her and kissed her forehead, smoothing her hair back. "That was incredible." He slowly sat up and reached for Sydney's bag. He grabbed a small blanket and pulled Sydney to his chest. His hands wandered over her body, enjoying the feeling of her skin next to his.

Sydney leaned against his shoulder and sighed in contentment. She placed small kisses wherever she could reach, not ready to leave the moment. It felt so good to be in Vaughn's arms. Vaughn captured her mouth in a kiss and she eagerly returned it, wanting to go further but knowing they couldn't. She pulled back and looked into his eyes. "We can't do this again."

"Sydney, I'm not about to let you go after what we just shared."

"No, I mean Dixon. He might wonder where I am. He's bound to come looking for me if it takes too long."

Vaughn sighed. "I know you're right, but I don't want to leave just yet." He wrapped his arms tighter around her and held her as close as he could. He sighed and looked at his watch, knowing it was time to leave. Sydney looked into his eyes and nodded.

He stood and helped her up. He quickly dressed and helped Sydney. He handed her her sweater and helped her find her bag, walking with her through the woods. They held hands, neither wanting the moment to ever have to end.

They stopped, a few feet away from the van, but out of Dixon's sight. Vaughn turned to Sydney, hoping to convey everything he was feeling with one last look. He wrapped his arms around her and leaned down to meet her in one last kiss. He reluctantly pulled away and wiped the lone tear from her eye. She started to walk away, holding onto his hand for as long as she could. He squeezed it and watched her walk to the van. He sighed and leaned against a nearby tree. Sydney Bristow was an amazing woman and he would wait for her forever.

Written for KJ's birthday.  We had to have it set outdoors and include a mention of a campground, I think.  My first real NC-17.  It was a lot of fun to write and I had fun throwing some humor into it.


Characters not mine