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Syd and Vaughn's reactions after Syd learns about Alice

Author: Kat
Rating: PG13
Summary: Vaughn wants forgivness
Spoilers: Set after Counteragent
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Vaughn pulled Sydney closer and nuzzled her neck. He just couldn't get enough of Sydney Bristow. She giggled and tried to squirm away. "Vaughn, stop that tickles."

Vaughn laughed and pinned her to the bed. "I can do more than tickle." He smiled at her suggestively and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Come here. You're too far away." She pulled him down for a kiss and she felt like she was going to melt. She loved the early mornings waking up to Vaughn and his kisses. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Vaughn moved to kiss her collarbone and she sighed in contentment. He trailed kisses down her shoulder and moved back up to kiss her nose. She pulled him in for another kiss and put everything she was feeling into it.

He sat up and she frowned, wanting him to come back to her. He shook his head and she stared up at him in confusion. She sat up and moved toward him but he got up from the bed. She didn't know what was going on.


"Syd, you know I'm with Alice."

Sydney looked at him, stricken. Tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to keep them at bay. "But...Vaughn, I thought....I mean...."

Vaughn pulled on his jeans and shirt and walked out of the room leaving Sydney alone. She laid on the bed and let the tears come. She felt someone shaking her and when she opened her eyes she in her room and Francie was standing next to the bed.

"Syd? Are you OK? You were crying in your sleep."

Sydney sat up and wiped away the tears. "Sorry Fran, I think it was just a nightmare."

"Are you going to be Ok hon?"

Sydney gave her a shakey smile and nodded. Francie gave her a doubtful look but left to go back to her room.

Sydney sighed, thankful that it was just a dream, but still wishing that things were different. She knew that she shouldn't be feeling this way about Vaughn, but she had grown so close to him this past year. Almost losing him twice had made her reevaluate her feelings.

She looked at the clock on her nightstand and sighed. It was time to get ready for another day at Credit Dauphine. She wanted nothing more than to just call in sick.


Vaughn wandered through his apartment, trying not to think of how Sydney had reacted to Alice. He wished he could just take her in his arms and take all the pain away. Sydney didn't need to go through anything else that caused her so much pain.

It was a wonder the poor girl hadn't collapsed from stress yet. He sat on the couch and put his head in his hands. Donovan wandered on over and nudged Vaughn's hand, asking for attention.

Vaughn absent-mindely scratched the bulldog's head, wishing that he had never met Alice at that party. He knew it was wrong to string Alice around while he carried a torch for Sydney. He and Alice just weren't meant to be. If their first break-up had proved anything, it was that she wasn't too fond of the secrecy of his job.

A part of him was glad that Alice was willing to give him a second chance. He sure didn't deserve one after what had happened between them. As unfair as the situation was to Alice, it was also unfair to Sydney. He had been allowing her to lean on him more and more after recent events. And for her to just learn about Alice must have been a huge shock to her.

He knew that he didn't have to answer to Sydney about his private life, but he couldn't help but think he was betraying both women. He sighed. It was time to go to the office.

Almost all my S/V stories can be linked back to Jude, lol.  She's the S/V writing queen and she usually gives me story ideas she has no time for, lol

Alias and the characters belong to JJ and Bad Robot, not me