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Change of Heart


Title: Change of Heart
Author: Kat
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine


Jack slowly woke up as he realized that he wasn’t alone in bed. His eyes opened and he sighed, stroking the hair of the woman whose head was pillowed on his chest. A smile formed on his face as he leaned down to kiss the top of her head. He stroked her hair, marveling at how she had aged so well over the years.

She sighed, burying her face in the crook of his neck and wrapping her arms around his body. It amazed him that she was still so possessive of him. He knew that she hated having to wake up early and preferred to sleep in, but if he didn’t get out of bed now, he wouldn’t be leaving for some time.

His hand traveled to her hip and traced lazy circles around the skin. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of their skin touching. He would never get used to the fact that he was still able to wake up to her every morning. She stirred, and he slowly moved his hand along her back. Her breathing sped up and he gently tickled her side.

She opened her eyes and smiled down at him. “Morning.”

He cupped her face and kissed her until he was forced to pull back to breathe. “It’s a wonderful morning now.”

A laugh escaped her lips and she looked down at his chest, pretending to study his body. “Well, I can think of one way to make this morning even more perfect.” She shifted so that she was straddling his body, lightly running her nails down his chest.

She arched her hips and he sucked in his breath as her meaning became crystal clear. “If we start this now, we won’t be leaving any time soon.”

She leaned down, placing kisses along his face. “Sydney will have to understand that we can’t possibly meet her this afternoon.” She moved lower, her nails lightly scraping against his nipples.

His breath caught in his throat as she teased his body. He looked up at her as she gave him a playful grin. “If you had your way, we’d never leave this room.”

She leaned forward, resting her arms of his chest. “I don’t have a problem with that.” She started to leave the bed, but Jack grabbed her arms and pinned her down.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He kissed along her neck, focusing on the spot that made her moan in pleasure. “We need to finish something.” His hands trailed down, caressing her breasts. She sighed, encouraging him on as he explored her body.

He traced a small line down her body, moving between her breasts and over her stomach, making her clutch the sheets. He trailed kisses along the same path, enjoying the response he was eliciting from her. He felt the shudder run through her body, and smiled in satisfaction.

She opened her eyes, smiling lazily. “Aren’t you glad we decided to stay here?” She grabbed his arms, pulling him forward. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she arched against him. He thrust into her, making her gasp.

He stilled, letting her adjust before setting a slow rhythm. She gripped his shoulders, digging her nails in as he slowed the pace. She rocked her hips against his, but he teased her, drawing back. She tightened her legs around his waist, and he thrust into her again.

She tightened her muscles around him and he nearly lost himself at that moment. He began to pound into her, trying to reach his release. He angled his thrusts, making her pant as she came. He followed her, collapsing on top of her, spent. She smiled up at him, meeting his mouth in a gentle kiss.

He held her tightly, wanting to enjoy the moment a while longer. Stroking her hair, he leaned down to place a kiss on her forehead. “We should attempt to eat something if we plan on doing this the rest of the day.”

She sighed, and he silenced her with a look. She playfully stuck her tongue out at him and he sat up, grabbing his boxers from the floor. She stood, stretching, and attempted to leave the bed. He grabbed her arm, handing her a light robe. “Jack, we’re alone in the house.”

He pulled her on his lap, enjoying the playful banter they shared. “I don’t want to share you with anyone. Therefore, you stay covered.” He tied the belt around her waist and helped her to stand. “Anything you want to eat?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him again. “Well, I was happy with you, but I’d settle for toast.”

Jack sighed, placing his forehead against hers. “You’ll never let me live that down will you?”

She placed her finger against his mouth, tracing his lips. “We need some fun in our lives.”

He kissed her finger, drawing it into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. Watching the expressions flash across her face was the most erotic thing he had witnessed that morning. He was sure that that would change within the next hour. Life with her was anything but dull. She always managed to keep him on his toes, in more ways than one.


They entered the kitchen, Jack pulling out the chair for her to sit in. She watched him as he prepared the meal, throwing out teasing comments and making him laugh. It was such a homey moment, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.
He opened the refrigerator, searching for the something that would be quick. He pulled out a few strawberries, washing them and placing them in a small bowl. She laughed at his choice, picking up a small berry and tracing it with her tongue before slowly biting into it. He was frozen in place, not able to do more than watch her.

“Jack, you forgot the whipped cream.” She winked at him and he turned back to the fridge trying to focus on the small breakfast he was preparing.

“Waffles? Do those sound good?” He turned and stilled when he saw that the tie on her robe was slowly coming undone. This woman would be the death of him.

“Like what you see, Jack?” She stretched and the robe slipped off her shoulder. “Find the whipped cream, and I’ll love waffles.”

He turned around and gripped the counter, steadying his breathing. He gathered the ingredients and concentrated on pouring and mixing. He could hear her rustling around behind him and a part of him was afraid to turn around again. He couldn’t afford to forget about the breakfast this time.

He smiled at the memory. Even though Sydney has still been young, they had managed to make full use of the hotel’s bathroom. He mixed the batter for the waffles and poured it into the waffle maker, closing it tightly. He rinsed out the bowl and returned to the fridge, spotting the whipped cream.

She had been quite for the past few minutes and he nervously turned, not sure what to expect. He smiled when he saw her leaning against the table, her arms cushioning her face. Her eyes were closed, but he knew she was still up. He set the whipped cream on the table and opened the lid.

Picking up a berry, he piled it with whipped cream and traced it across her lips. She smiled, her eyes still closed. Her tongue slowly wiped the cream off her lips and she opened her eyes, smiling at him. He leaned down and kissed her, tasting the whipped cream that still covered parts of her lips.

Her arms wrapped around his neck and he deepened the kiss. Eventually, he reluctantly pulled away, having to check on the waffles. They shared one last lingering kiss before she pushed him towards the counter. She stood up and grabbed two plates along with silverware.

He walked towards the counter, opening the waffle maker. He pulled a spatula out of the drawer and placed a waffle on each plate. She stepped behind him and placed her chin on his shoulder. Her arms wrapped around his waist and he turned to meet her face in a sweet kiss. She sighed and leaned against him.

He turned and gathered her in his arms. She snuggled into his embrace, kissing his chest. “Time to eat?”
She sighed. “If we have to.” She backed away, her hands lingering on his arms. She walked to the kitchen table and took a seat, crossing her legs. Her robe rode up on her thigh and he gulped as the expanse of skin was exposed.

He grabbed the two plates and took a seat next to her. She shifted in her seat, turning to face him as he ate. “Jack, wait a minute.” He stilled watching as she piled whipped cream and strawberries on her waffle, slowly cutting it into small pieces.

She picked up a corner and leaned forward. He caught on, opening his mouth as she fed him. He swirled his tongue around her fingers, making sure to get every bit of whipped cream. She moaned at the sensation and he grabbed her hand, kissing her wrist.

He picked up a small piece of her waffle and feed her, watching as she closed her eyes. Her tongue traced his fingertips, making him groan as the sensations shot straight to his groin. She smiled sweetly at him, batting her eyelashes in innocence. Releasing his fingers she laughed as she glanced at his lap. “Was it good for you too?”

He shook his head and pulled her out of the chair, settling her on his lap. The waffles were forgotten as they kissed desperately. He untied the robe and spread it open, running his hands along her body. Her hands trailed to his lap as they toyed with his boxers, teasing him through the fabric.

He gripped her hips, steadying her as she tugged at his boxers. He leaned back a bit, allowing her to push them down. She wrapped her arms around his neck and settled on his lap, rocking back and forth. He groaned at her actions and she began to kiss his neck, nibbling across his pulse point. He thrust against her and she moaned, leaning forward and meeting his mouth in a desperate kiss.

She threaded her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer as he gripped her hips. He slowly entered her, making her cry out. He began to thrust and she arched her back, allowing him to thrust deeper. She closed her eyes and rocked against him, gripping his shoulders for balance.

She tightened her muscles around him and he leaned forward, placing his forehead against hers. She opened her eyes and they stared into each others eyes as their bodies arched against each other. He watched the emotions flash through her eyes and was mesmerized by her beauty. She cried his name as she came and he pumped into her, searching for his own release.

He leaned forward, burying his face in her hair as he came. She leaned against his chest, her chin resting on his shoulder as she tried to breathe normally again. “That was just amazing. We should have waffles more often if it leads to this.”

He kissed her shoulder, gently rubbing her back. “Darling, everything leads to this. You’re insatiable.”

She sighed. “I’m not the only one. I seem to recall that you were the one who pulled me into his lap.”

Jack reached for the robe that had fallen to the floor, placing it around her shoulders. “We should attempt to clean up in case Sydney comes looking for us.” She slipped her arms through the sleeves, and he kissed her, gently cupping her face.

He pushed the chair back and slowly set her on her feet. He leaned down and grabbed his boxers, when he felt a slight pinch on his rear. He stood, pulling his boxers and and laughing. “Did you just do what I think you did?”

“Jack, I’m not one to resist temptation.” She looped her fingers into the waistband of his boxers, snapping the material. “I say we call Sydney and tell her to stay away for the next week.”

Jack placed his hands on her arms. “I don’t think she’s going to want to know why.”

She gave him a mischievous smile. “Who says she has to know. We don’t want to send her into therapy.” She backed away, swinging her hips as she walked. “I’ll be back in one minute. Try not to get into trouble.”

He watched her walk out of the kitchen, smiling to himself. He grabbed their plates from the table and began to clean up the kitchen. He scraped the food into the trash and put the plates into the dishwasher. Grabbing the strawberries and cream, he placed them back into the fridge.

He turned around and saw her waking back into the kitchen, a smile playing on her lips. She approached him, the robe hanging off her shoulders, barely covering her body. “Jack, I’ve got something to show you.”

She backed him up against the fridge, her fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. She began to trail kisses along his chest as he stared at her in astonishment. “What…”

“I called Sydney. She understands that you’re feeling a little under the weather.” She stepped back, surveying him critiquing him. He started to flush as her intense gaze. She pointed to his boxers. “Those need to go.”

Jack laughed. “You’re a little demanding today, aren’t you?” He slid the boxers off and watched her, studying her face. Her fingers played with the edges of the robe and soon it joined his boxers on the floor.

“It’s not demanding when you want it just as much as I do.” She trailed her fingers along his chest, her nails sending shivers along his spine. Her hands traveled lower, cupping him, and he groaned as she stroked him.

He grabbed her hips, lifting her up. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he turned so that she was against the fridge. “Are you up for this?”

She pulled his face to hers and smiled. “Are you?” She lowered herself onto him and gasped as he filled her again. She whimpered his name and he stilled. “Jack, don’t stop now or I’ll kill you.”

He thrust into her hard and fast, making her flush. She rocked against him, and he leaned forward to nibble along her neck. He felt the shiver run through her body and smiled in satisfaction. She moaned his name as she came, her muscles tightening around him.

He felt himself reaching the peak and began to thrust harder. “Irina.” He breathed her name as he came, closing his eyes.


Jack opened his eyes and sat up quickly. He looked around the room, his breathing coming in short gasps. The dream had been so vivid. He closed his eyes, holding his face in his hands as he tried to make sense of the dream.

Irina. She had been on his mind lately. It wasn’t unusual to dream of Laura, but he had never dreamed of Irina. He wasn’t sure what this all meant, but he knew he wouldn’t be going back to sleep any time soon. A visit would be in order tomorrow.

A smile played on Irina's face as she concentrated on
watching the man in front of her. He seemed to be holding
his breath and trying not to look in her direction. She
stepped into the room and watched as he stood up straight,
moving to hide what he was working on.

She laughed as he gave her an embarrassed grin. "Jack, what
are you doing in here? It's been almost an hour." 

"I was trying to fix something special. And what are you
doing up? Aren't you supposed to be resting?" He nodded
towards her slightly swollen stomach and she grimaced. 

"I feel restless. I don't need to sit down." She gave him a
petulant look which he valiantly tried to ignore.

"Laura, the doctor said to stay off your feet." She winced
inwardly as he called her Laura. It was getting harder and
harder for her to remember that she was Irina. She wanted
to live Laura's life. She had everything as Laura, a loving
husband and a child on the way. 
"Jack, he said that I need to stay off my feet in the later
months. I'm barely even showing. And besides, you didn't
seem to argue with me last night." She smirked as his face

"Well, you were off your feet." He approached her and
gently rubbed her stomach. "I don't think I could ever tell
you how happy I am that I'm going to be a father."

Her throat tightened as he continued to pour his heart out
to her. She hated knowing that this life wouldn't last
forever. He enveloped her in a hug and buried his face in
her hair, placing a gentle kiss on her neck.

She blinked back the tears that welled up in her eyes,
thankful that he would think they were from hormones. She
leaned against his chest, listening to the steady beat of
his heart. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what
their child would look like. She hoped that it would be a
little girl. A little girl who would look like her.

She had never expected to feel so overwhelmed at the fact
that she was carrying another life inside of her. A part of
her regretted ever joining the KGB, but she knew that if it
hadn't been for this mission, she never would have meet

Her name and background might have been a lie, but she was
beginning to feel very real feelings for Jack. He had
always managed to make her feel special, even going out of
his way to bring her flowers. It was a small gesture, but
it meant a lot to her. 

Jack had been the only man who had ever made her feel
cherished. He had never once belittled her or made her feel
useless, and for that she was grateful. But he had somehow
managed to get through her defenses and she found herself
opening up to him more and more as the years passed.

She had been foolish to bring a child into this lie of a
marriage, but she would never regret it. Even if Jack did
discover the truth, she would always have a reminder of
what they had shared. 

She sniffled and Jack tipped her face up. "Laur? What's the
matter?" She shook her head, not wanting to talk at the
moment. He hugged her tightly and she buried her face in
his chest as the tears fell. 

He gently picked her up and carried her to their bedroom,
setting her gently on the bed. He smoothed out her hair and
sat next to her. "It's been a long day sweetheart, please
just rest." He kissed the tracks of her tears and she
grabbed his hand.

"Will you stay with me?" He nodded and gathered her into
his arms. She held him tightly, afraid to let him go. She
began to plant kisses along his neck, wanting to forget
about the painful thoughts that consumed her.

She looked at him, pleading with her eyes. "Please, Jack." 

He pulled her on top of his body and trailed his hands
along her sides. She sat up and began unbuttoning his
shirt. She didn't want slow and sweet at this moment, she
just wanted him to be inside of her. She wanted to feel
every inch of him. 

Their clothes were pushed out of the way and she eagerly
sank on top of him, closing her eyes as he filled her in
one thrust. She rocked against him as he gripped her hips.
She braced her arms against his shoulders as his thrusts
sped up.

She leaned forward, capturing his mouth in a kiss as she
neared her release. She gasped as she felt herself coming
undone. He thrust into her once more, and she collapsed on
top of him. He kissed her forehead murmuring words of love
in her ear. She sighed and snuggled into his chest, finally
feeling content for one moment.

He rubbed her back and she smiled in gratitude. The
soothing movements of his hand calmed her and she was soon


Irina opened her eyes and blinked against the harsh lights
from the hallway. She sighed as she realized that her
dreams were starting to become filled with memories of the
happier times in her life.

She sat up and stretched her arms over her head, wincing as
she heard a pop. The cot that passed for a bed left much to
be desired. She closed her eyes and massaged her temples,
trying to forget about the dreams that were plaguing her. 

She heard the buzzing of the gate and groaned in
frustration. She turned away from the glass, not wanting to
see anyone. It was too early for Sydney to be coming
around. If it was Kendall, she would kill him for making
her have to focus so early in the morning. She wasn't in
any mood for one of his talks.

She could sense that someone was watching her and she
stilled. She rolled her eyes and turned, expecting to see
Kendall. She opened her mouth, ready to tell him what she
thought of this early morning visit. She caught sight of
Jack and was stunned.

Her hands flew unconsciously to her hair, smoothing it out.
It was a vain attempt to cover her nervousness. He seemed
to stare through her, and she stepped back, unsure of what
he wanted with her. She tried to voice her thoughts, but
all she could manage was one word. "Jack..."


He stared at her, not speaking. The way he was looking at
her made her feel open and exposed. He stepped closer to
the glass and she was reminded of a tiger eyeing its prey.
She swallowed nervously as she stood rooted in one spot.

His eyes held a mixture of disbelief, anger, and even
arousal. She met his gaze and he opened his mouth to speak.
"Was it hard to live a lie?"

Her eyes widened in shock. She knew the questions would
come eventually, but she had never expected to hear that
one. "Jack, it wasn't always a lie..."

"Did you ever think of what your actions would do to
Sydney? Or even to me?" He moved his gaze to the right,
unable to meet her eyes.

"I never imagined-" 

"Didn't you realize what your betrayal would do to us!?"
His eyes were full of anger and she approached the glass. 

"Don't think it didn't hurt me to leave the only family I
had ever known! It was like I was dying inside!" She looked
down not wanting to see his reaction, knowing it would only
be disbelief. He would never trust her after what she had
done so long ago.

"How could you do it?" 

She defiantly looked up. "They would have killed you if I
hadn't left! They had a hit out on you and would have
killed our daughter. They made sure I had no choice but to
leave!" Her eyes blazed and she placed her hand on the
glass. "You just don't want to hear that everything you
believe about me is wrong."

Jack glared at her. "Everything I believed was a lie! You
aren't Laura and I was a fool to believe that you loved

"The only lie was my name." She turned away from Jack, not
wanting to show that this conversation was affecting her so

Jack was oddly quiet and she sighed, wondering if she had
gone too far. She turned, wondering if he was still there.
She came face to face with Jack and nearly jumped. "How?"

He held up the keys and she glanced at the security
cameras. "There's been a power failure. We need to
straighten things out. Now." She took a step back, and he
smirked, enjoying the fact that she was out of her element
and didn't know what to do.

"Jack, you can't possibly think-" He approached her and her
words were cut off as his mouth met hers in a desperate
kiss. His tongue explored her mouth as his hands gripped
her hips, pulling her toward him.

She stilled, shocked that Jack would even think to be doing
this in her cell. She pushed against his chest, trying to
pull back, but his arms held her in an iron grip. She
struggled but only succeeded in rubbing against him. 

He leaned back and she gasped. "Jack! What the hell do you
think you're doing? The guards are just outside."

He leaned down and nibbled along her neck. "I'm taking
what's mine. The guards are conveniently checking on
something else."

She was at a loss for words, not believing that this was
happening. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he
nipped the skin near her pulse point. He moved her towards
the bed, pushing her pants and underwear down before
joining her. Her hands toyed with his belt before unzipping
his pants, pushing them past his hips along with his

He pushed her tank top out of the way as he kissed his way
down her stomach. His mouth went lower and she gasped as he
teased her. He pulled back and entered her in one quick
thrust. Her muscles tightened around him, and she bucked
against him, wanting to feel more of him. 

She bit his neck as he pounded into her. He moaned as she
clenched her muscles around him. She arched against him as
she came, crying out as the sensations overwhelmed her. He
shuddered and soon followed her. He pulled away and began
to pull his clothes back on. 

She closed her eyes, overwhelmed by what had just occurred.
She sat up and reached for her clothes, quickly dressing.
She looked over to Jack and saw that he had his back turned
to her. "Jack?"

"I don't know what came over me. This won't happen again."
He turned to her and she was shocked to see the sadness in
his eyes.

"We both needed this. You can't just forget what we
shared." She looked away, wishing she had the words to
comfort him.

He turned to walk away and she found herself wishing he
would stay. She knew it wasn't possible, but maybe one day
they would be able to trust one another again. She watched
until he left her line of sight. Sighing, she leaned
against the glass, lost in her thoughts. Trust would take

Quite simply?  I blame Jen!  She encouraged this monstrosity, lmao
Voted Best NC-17 Fic in the March SD-1 Fic Awards


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