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Too Close For Comfort

Angel comes to a realization

Title: Too Close For Comfort
Author: Kat
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: I don't own
Spoilers: Up to Dad
Summary: Angel comes to a realization about what having a child means.

Angel heard a low humming from Connor's room. Curious, he peeked in the doorway and watched the beautiful sight. Cordelia was rocking Connor and humming. Connor was far from sleep and was more occupied by Cordelia's hair.

Angel watched as Cordelia gently untangled his tiny fingers from her air and began to hum again. Determined, Connor grabbed her fingers and began to play with them instead.

Having Cordelia help him with Connor had been perfect. She made sure that Angel knew what he was doing and that he would be able to care for the baby if she ever wasn't there. He was sure that Connor thought of Cordelia as his mother. And Angel wouldn't have it any other way. Angel watched the pair for a while longer and then made his way to his room. He felt as if his little family was complete.

The next morning Cordelia had Connor all ready to go shopping with her. "Angel, have you seen Connor's pacifier?"

"It's in the garden, I'll get it."


"I said I'll get it."

Cordelia raced after Angel and grabbed him just as his hand started to burn from the exposure to the sunlight.

"Angel? Are you OK?"

"Cordelia. What have I done? I almost killed myself." He looked at his hand and then to Cordelia. "I forgot for a minute."

"You forgot?"

"It just, with Connor, I mean having you and Connor here, it makes me feel human again."

"Angel, it's going to be OK."

"No, Cordy, it's never going to be OK, I can never give Connor anything. I have to stay in the hotel, what kind of father am I?"

"Angel, don't say that, Connor adores you. You are a good father. You're just the night shift kinda dad."

"Exactly, how am I ever going to teach him things? He needs to learn how to play and explore and learn."

"You can teach him the same things at night." Cordelia ran to get Connor and bought him to Angel. "Angel, he adores you." Connor lifted his arms to his father.

Angel watched with sad eyes as he thought of the things he could never give his son. He grabbed Connor and hugged the little boy. "Cordy, I just wish that I could be able to do things with him that most dads teach their sons."

"Angel, one day you can. You have to believe that."

"By that time, he might be too old."

"Angel, trust me, your day will come and no matter what, Connor will always love you. You're his father."

Angel looked down into his son's smiling face and to Cordelia. "Will you be here too?"

"Always. I promised you that I would be here with you and I never break promises. You can do this."

Angel took Cordelia's hand and squeezed it. "As long as you're here to keep me on track."

Yeah, another one where Connor was still a little tyke, lmao.  Not as fluffy as the others, ;)

Owned by Joss and Co.