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Enju - Promises

Title: Promises
Rating: K+/PG
Genre: General/Angst
Pairing: None
Word Count: 446
Summary: She finds herself making another promise.
Spoilers for the current manga, set after the defeat of Naraku

Pottery was her trade, the only thing she knew how to do well. Before she had been bought back to life by the demon witch, Enju had never given much thought to her future. Life had seemed so simple, almost boring.

She had learned many things since her promise to Kagome had been made. Life was not so simple anymore. It was full of complications. Each day was a struggle to remain alive. Guilt was with her each day as the shinidamachuu bought her souls to revitalize her body.

The days began to melt into one another and still she kept her promise, not quite sure why it really mattered so much.

One night, she was surprised to find two visitors. A miko who seemed vaguely familiar and a young boy she had never seen before. The miko offered a small smile, guiding the boy to sit once they entered the small home. Enju was startled from her thoughts as the shinidamachuu glided towards the woman, gently winding around her form.

The woman spoke softly, stroking the creatures head before waving it away. Enju met her gaze, surprised to find a look of compassion; the look of someone who understood her daily trials. At that moment, she realized who was standing before her.


"You remember."

Nodding, Enju could only glance at the boy who had yet to speak. Kikyou's voice once again interrupted her thoughts. "He is still recovering from being separated from a shard of the Shikon jewel."

The uniform he wore was reminiscent to one of a girl that had traveled with Kagome. "A taijya."

"You've met his sister. They are the last of their kind. She is no doubt searching for him, but the time is not right. He has no memories of what has happened to him these past few months. It's for the best." She reached out a hand, gently stroking his hair. The boy barely acknowledged her presence, continuing to stare downwards.

Words were lost as she watched the strange pair before her. Kikyou met her gaze, a sad smile gracing her face. "He has a promise to keep as well but I cannot see it through. Please, watch over him until the time is right." With a nod, the miko disappeared into the night, almost vanishing into the fog around the forest.

Enju carefully approached the boy, careful not to startle him. "I promise you'll see your sister again. When the time is right." She draped a blanket across his still form, brushing back his bangs before quietly returning to her work.

A lone tear trailed down the boy's cheek; a broken 'Ane-ue' whispered into the night.
The End

Written for iyfic_contest
Theme: Anime Only Characters

Also nominated at iyfanguild for Best Short!