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Laundry Day

Angel sees something he shouldn't

Title: Laundry Day
Author: Kat
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own
Spoilers: General through Offspring, only no Darla

Angel slowly made his way to the basement. He had wanted to check on Cordelia's training gear. As he walked into the back of the room, he stopped and stared at the sight before him.

(Earlier that day)

Cordelia grabbed Fred. "Come on, we have to get this over with."

Both girls carried their laundry to the basement and took turns washing the clothes.

"Cordelia, can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

"Um, well, do you like Angel?"

"Of course, he's my best friend."

"No, I mean LIKE like."

"I've never really thought about it."

"Well, I think he likes you."

"I doubt that very much. Now let's start hanging some of this stuff up before the guys come down here."

Angel swallowed nervously. He felt like he was in a brothel. He was surrounded by all kinds of lacy garments. He slowly backed away, only to bump into someone. Angel froze. 'Please don't let it be Cordy.'

"Angel, what are doing?"


"Why are you staring at Fred's belongings?"

"Well, I came down here to check something out."

"Well, the both of you don't have to keep staring at it like you've never seen it before."

Wesley and Angel turned quickly at the sound of Cordelia's voice.

"Fred and Cordy have girl parts, oh no!"

Wesley blushed as red as a cherry and grabbed Fred's clothes off the line. As he passed Cordelia, he handed some of them to her. "Wow, Wes, didn't know you knew Fred so well."

She turned to Angel. "You know, if you find them so interesting, I can see if they have it in your size too. After all, Christmas is coming up soon....."

Angel tried to think of a witty retort, but all that came out was, "Well, considering you think I'm fat, that might take a while."

"You're not fat, you're just a fuddy-duddy. If this embarrasses you so much, why don't you just hand your underwear on the line?"

"I don't wear any."

Cordelia raised her brows. "No wonder you're such a crabass, all the chafing."

Angel stood there, watching as Cordelia grabbed her things and went upstairs, smiling at getting the last word in. He searched for a bit, and finally located Cordelia's training gear. After, making sure that it was in good order, he made his way upstairs.

He has thought long and hard for the perfect retort. It had finally come. He smiled at the thought of it. He watched as she sat concentrating on the computer. He silently made his way over and grabbed Cordelia, lifting her up.

Cordelia shrieked as he ran up the stairs and set her on the bed. "Ready for revenge?"

"You assmonkey, you just want to see me in less clothes."

"You know me too well."

Cordelia walked down the stairs and tried in vain to straighten her clothes. Fred looked up at her and smiled knowingly. "I thought you said you never thought about it?"

"So I lied."

Fred giggled. "How long has this been going on?"

Cordelia blushed. "A while."

Angel walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Fred, I think I heard Wesley calling you."

"Wesley? I've gotta go. Bye!" Fred ran off in search of Wesley and Angel laughed. "Maybe that's why he knows which clothes belong to her."

This one holds good memories, lol.  It's not meant to be serious and it was just a fun story.

Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own Angel and all the characters