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Cordelia explains the events of "Birthday"

Title: Honesty
Author:  Kat
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own
Spoilers: Through Provider

Cordelia wondered what everyone was staring at. They seemed to be looking at her like she had grown another head. Was it another demony side effect?

"What? Why are you staring at me?"

Fred grinned, "You're floating! How are you doing that? I could figure it out if I thought about it for a while, but that would take time and when I finally found the answer you probably wouldn't even care anymore and...."

Cordelia smiled, "Fred, take a breath."

"Cordy?" Angel looked up at her. "Do you have any idea why or how you started to float?"

"Well, that's what I was trying to tell you. But first you guys really should go save that guy in the park. I promise to tell you the whole story after you save the guy."

Angel looked at her with concern. "Are you sure you'll be OK? I mean you just came out of that vision coma. I mean, you could be seriously hurt. I can stay and Wes and Gunn can save the guy."

Cordelia glared. "Angel, I'm perfectly fine. Pain is gone. You can let me out of your sight." Her gaze softened at his hurt look. "I swear, I'll be fine. I'll still be here when you get back. Promise."

Angel showed a small smile and pulled Cordelia into a big hug, nearly crushing her body to his. "If you're not here when I get back, there will be hell to pay."

Cordelia tried to untangle his arms to realease his death grip. "Angel, go. Save that guy."

Angel gave her one last squeeze and hurried to the weapons cabinet downstairs. This wouldn't take long at all. He ran out the front door and hopped into the Plymouth that Wes had bought around.

Fred looked at Cordelia in awe. "Did you just make yourself levitate or did you not notice?"

"I honestly had no clue."

"Well, do you have any idea why you were?"

"Well, I really only want to explain it once, so do you mind waiting for the guys to come back?"

"Oh, I don't mind at all, I just don't want you to leave anything out."

"I won't. Fred? Do you hear something?"

"No, not really."

Cordelia walked over to Connor's crib and saw that he was quietly babbling to himself. "It's just little bitty Connor."

Fred walked over and smiled. "You sure do love Connor."

"Well, who wouldn't? He's just the cutest wittle baby ever. He's my little Connor. Yes he is." Cordelia kissed his nose and snuggled the baby.

Connor stared up at her with wide eyes. Cordelia sighed contentedly and turned to Fred. "I just feel so happy when I see Connor. He makes me feel needed."

"Cordy, we all need you. You're the heart. If anyone doesn't know that, they're blind."

"Fred, you're sweet."

Fred blushed. "Thanks Cordy."

Sharing a smile, she nodded towards the door, asking, "Why don't we go downstairs and feed Connor?"


Angel ran across the park and sliced his ax right through the five horned demon, quickly ending the fight. Wes and Gunn, following behind both sighed.

"Man, you could at least let us do more than drive you here."

"Gunn, does have a point."

"Man, you're whipped. You just want to get back to Cordy."

"And that would be bad why," Angel asked holding the ax in front of him.

Gunn sighed. "Nothing. Let's get back to the hotel so we can hear that story."

Angel smiled and followed them to the car.

Angel walked into the hotel and saw Cordelia feeding Connor and laughing with Fred. He smiled at the sight before him.

"We're back."

"Already? What did you do? Jump out and kill the first thing you saw?"

Wesley walked in and smirked. "Close enough. He basically ran out of the car and killed the first thing with five horns that he saw."

Gunn frowned. "Didn't even let us get in on the killing and slicing."

Fred laughed at the dejected looks on the guys' faces.

Cordelia looked Angel in the eye. "You didn't let them have any fun?"

"I just wanted to get back here."

Fred excitedly began to talk. "Cordy, you can tell the story now."

Cordelia finished feeding Connor and settled herself comfortably on the couch. I'll start with what you guys saw.

Cordelia recounted how she saw what they had been doing while she had been in her astral form.

Angel's eyes showed her that he was very hurt that she hadn't confided in him about the pills and CAT scans and MRIs.

"I really am sorry guys. I just didn't want to burden anyone."

Wesley softly replied, "You're never a burden. You're a friend."

"Thanks guys."

Cordelia began to tell how she took over Angel's body. "How do vamps snore anyways?"

Angel looked down. "I do NOT snore."

"I beg to differ."

Cordelia continued. "Then this demon named Skip showed up."


"Yeah, Skip. He took me to a mall and showed me that the visions were a mistake. That meeting Angel had been a mistake."

Angel stiffened, but Cordelia smiled at him to reassure him.

"He showed me Tammy who had her head blown out becuase of the visions. He showed me Angel talking to the Powers. Which we'll talk about later, Angel. He made me a star."

Fred brightened. "Did you get to make your acceptance speech? Was it all you dreamed about?"

"No, Fred, I just felt like something was missing. I ended up at the Hyperion, tearing off some walpaper. I found the address that I had written while I was in Angel."

"I ended up in Reseda. Nasty little town. I saved a girl and met Wes and Gunn. Wes only had one arm. I remember being kind of nasty towards him, but something Gunn said had piqued my interest."

"He said something about three people from Sunnydale. I wanted to know who else had come to LA. They told me that Angel was here and I immediately had the urge to see him."

"I was warned that he wasn't himself." Cordelia started to tear up. "I saw chains and Angel was huddled up on the floor. He was afraid of me when I approached him."

Cordelia looked at Angel. "Doyle had somehow given you the visions. You were miserable. You just kept repeating everything and I wanted to comfort you. I kissed you and I got the visions back. I remembered everything."

"Skip tried to warn me that I was going to die but I made him find a loophole. He told me that I would have to become part demon. I didn't have to think twice. I told him to do it. And that's why I woke up screaming."

Cordelia looked at the astonished faces before her. "I know you probably think I'm crazy, but I didn't want to live a life without any you."

Fred came forward and hugged Cordelia. "You're still my friend, demon or not."

Wesley stared at her in wonder. "You became half demon to stay with us? I feel quite honored."

Angel walked over to her and without words hugged her to his body. "Thank you Cordy. But I don't deserve this."

Cordelia glared. "I don't regret it, not ever."

LOL!  This story is sooo bad, lol.  I've gotten much better with dialogue, I'd like to think.

Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own Angel and it's characters