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Duty Before Happiness

Title: Duty Before Happiness
Rating: PG
Genre: General/Angst
Pairings: None whatsoever
Word Count: 320
Summary: In the life of a miko, one must put duty before all else.

Lightly running her fingers over the beads, Kikyou allowed a smile to escape. The intricately carved pieces of wood and gemstone were nearly perfect in every way. As she studied the beads, a glimmer of light caught her eye. Turning, she discovered a beautiful piece of jewelry. The facets gleamed in the sunlight, the colors nearly blinding her.

It was a frivolous piece, meant to be worn by those who lived in luxury. A sense of longing filled her as she stared at the flimsy pendant, knowing it would never be hers. It was hardly practical for a miko. It would only serve to distract her from her duties.

Returning to the beads, she could not ignore the heavy feeling of disappointment. There were moments when she wondered just why she was chosen for the role of a village miko. The normal life of a young woman was practically denied to her. A small part of her still harbored the foolish thoughts of her childhood, but for the most part, she was able to hide behind the calm exterior of her duty as a miko.

With a sigh, she chose a handful of beads and presented them to the merchant. Handing him a few coins, she uttered a polite thank you before leaving the stand. The glitter of the pendant teased her as she passed it once more. With a frown, she quickly made her way towards the path that led to her home.

Lost in thought, she had a sudden realization. Perhaps this was a sign that she should forget about her thoughts of ever living a normal life. Silly things such as jewels and thoughts of love should not fill her mind. Her duty was to keep the village safe from harm; to protect the people who depended on her. A miko was not meant to experience certain things in life.

If only she could convince her heart.

Written for iyfic_challenge
Theme: One-shot; drabble