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My Fanfiction

The stories found here are the ones I am willing to
admit writing.  Most are complete.  Some are not. 
 I don't really write Alias fic any more.  I do still
write for Angel and Inuyasha.  Maybe X-men again.

Most stories archived are G-PG-13
All R & NC-17 stories are clearly labelled


Mostly 'Shipper centric.  There are a few
that are just plain angst, lol.
The complete works, excluding "Contemplation"
which will never again see the light of day

S/V Shipper

Could It Be Any Harder

R rated in later sections
An argument leads to more

Encounter in the Night

One encounter could change everything; NC-17

An Evening in Nice

NC-17; A key, a night away from it all, AU


Alice.  That one little word...

The Getaway

NC-17; Mexico offers the getaway of a lifetime

Glimmer of Hope

When you're at your lowest....

Moonlit Meeting

NC-17; A beach and a cabana tent
What will two spies do?

One Step Forward

R rated scene in later chapter
Dinner becomes more than two people expect

Rainy Day Memories

The rain always brings unpleasant memories

Somewhere in Between

A night on the pier leads to revelations

Summer Lovin

R; An empty warehouse on the
hottest day of the year

Tonight and the Rest of My Life

NC-17; A new beginning

Twist of Fate

Angst; We don't always realize what's
going to happen in life

Under the Stars

NC-17; A stake out, Dixon listening in,
what could possibly be going on?

The Weekend

NC-17; A weekend of rest and relaxation

Welcome Home

NC-17; A warm welcome after a long absence

Wrong Again

Being wrong is sometimes the best thing that can happen to a person

J/I Shipper


NC-17; One action can forever
change your world, AU

Certain Things

R; Sometimes the memories are too strong

Chances Are

NC-17; Chances are you still love me

Change of Heart

NC-17; Working out issues


R/NC-17; We both need a release


NC-17; You've got me all tied up in knots,
and I'm lovin it lots and lots; PWP

Lifetime of Memories

NC-17; Memories can haunt you for a lifetime


There is an R/NC-17 section at the end
Apart, we're torn, together, whole?


NC-17; Your touch lights a fire within me

Want. Take. Have

NC-17; You always want what you cannot have


Another Year

How long does hope last?


First it was Alice, now Lauren


Lies and deciet shape our way in life

My Immortal

It's never easy to lose the one you love

These Days

The holidays affect everyone differently

Undeniable Urges

Sometimes we just cannot control our urges

aka the few stories I'm willing to admit I wrote
The rest shall remain hidden and lost for all time
Read at your own risk, as they aren't that great

Best For Last

Complete parody; after Groo arrived


A missing scene between Cordelia and Angel. 
Set during "Billy"


Envy grabs a hold of everyone at least once.

Ghostly Interference

Cordelia/Angel as friends.  Dennis mentioned quite a bit.


Cordelia sets the record straight
about her half-demon state.

Laundry Day

Angel sees something he shouldn't.
Borders on an R rating


Cordelia spars

Lost Without You

Spike mourns his greatest loss.


Angel and his son; AU

Too Close For Comfort

Angel has an epiphany about fatherhood.

What Might Have Been

Cordelia made her choice to become a star.  Angel's thoughts during the AU world in Birthday.

Another new fandom.  My first attempts at anime.
Wish me luck and have a go at reading it!

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

After Naraku, things changed.  But some things will never change.

The Dangers of Bathing

Lost in thought, she didn't see him

The Dangers of Falling Asleep

He just couldn't keep his eyes open

Duty Before Happiness

In the life of a miko, one must put duty before all else.


He found her in a field of flowers


Feelings are revealed, the healing begins.


The events of the past shape the future
Miroku learns this the hard way

Kagome's Revenge

Inuyasha hurts Kagome and she runs to the unlikliest
 person ever!  That's right, Sesshomaru!  Badfic!

Life Will Go On

Experiences in life can only make you stronger.


She finds herself making another promise.

Random Acts of Drabbling

Various drabbles centered on various characters

Random Acts of Sango

Various drabbles centered on Sango

Reincarnation is a Bitch

Reincarnation brings many changes.
Funny stories not meant to be taken seriously


Many stories are left untold.
Many thoughts left unsaid
One-shot character drabbles

Rin Jaken Ficlet

A touching moment between companions


It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

The Secret Diary of Miroku

A month in the life of Miroku


He always managed to surprise her

Trouble With Love

Sometimes things are just not meant to be. Major angst as well as rated R

Twists of Fate

Not everything is as it seems. You cannot always trust those around you.

Watashi wa Oka no Ue Kara Kabin wo Nageru

Without Naraku, just how much would the story change? Sango/Miroku
PG for now

The Wind and the Wolf

During a battle, the unlikely occurs.  Kouga/Kagura
Rated R

Winds of Change

Nothing ever happens the way we think it will

The Mountain

Such a trashy show. It had such potential
til they ran it into the ground.


It wasn't supposed to be this way. But it was.
Hard R


Well that certainly got your attention.

The Look

It's in your eyes


Could she really look past it all?
Drabble; R

Veronica Mars

Only the best show ever


All she wanted was answers


Lies hurt


Laments of a teenage outcast


Some things were not meant to be

X-men: Evolution
A new fandom!  Only two stories for now,
but they aren't too bad, if I do say so myself.

Matters of the Heart

What would you do when your best friend was hurting?


Everything changes, everything falls apart, but one
little push can bring it all back together...

Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, Inuyasha, X-men and Alias belong to their respective owners.  I just like to torture the characters...