Kat Scratch Fever
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His hands ran along the curve of her waist, gently, almost reverently, stroking the smooth skin. She arched into his touch, her eyes closing as he slowly kissed his way up her body. Holding her breath, she almost forgot to breathe as he lightly nipped at her neck while entering her in one smooth stroke. Her breath caught in her throat as he moved inside her, his hands digging into her hips.

Her eyes shot open as he murmured words against her skin. Words she didn't want to hear. Blinking away the start of tears, she concentrated on the movements of his body. She could feel herself start to unravel as he began to thrust harder. With a groan, he collapsed on top of her as they both reached their climax.

She refused to open her eyes. It was easier this way. Easier to pretend her life hadn't fallen apart only a few short months ago. She could feel his hand trace her slightly rounded belly and had to bite her lip to keep the tears at bay.

A coward. That's what she was. She had lied to David and told him she wasn't pregnant. Lied so that he could be happy and leave her alone. She could have stayed, made his life a living hell, but in the end, it wasn't worth it. Instead, she had run away from the mountain. Run away from all the heartache and pain it bought.

The hand tracing her stomach stilled, moving instead to her cheek, wiping away tears. "Max?"

She made a noncommittal sound, still refusing to open her eyes.

"That wasn't too rough was it?"

A shake of her head was his only answer. His hand moved to stroke her hair, the other holding her closer. Breathing in his scent, she could almost pretend he was someone else. But he didn't deserve that. He was good to her, never questioning her moods. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes to met his worried gaze.

"I'm fine, Will. Just a bit overtired."

My way of dealing with the craptacular last episode of the show. The idea of Max and Will just wouldn't leave me alone.