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Title: Flowers
Author: Me
Rating: PG
Spoilers for 163.

He found her sitting in a field of flowers, Kirara sitting near her in her in her large form. Waiting for a moment, he slowly approached the two, letting the rings of his shakujo softly hit one another so he would not startle them. One did not want to sneak up on a demon exterminator after all.

Coming to rest next to Sango he took a seat next to her, glancing at the flowers that surrounded them. Her hair blew in the breeze and a few stray strands brushed against his face. He stayed silent, not quite knowing how to start a conversation at the moment. Whatever had brought her out here was obviously serious.

"He surprised me with a bouquet once." Her voice broke the silence and he turned to her, startled for a moment. Her eyes were focused on something in the distance but she reached out a grasped his hand tightly. "These flowers..."; Her voice trailed off as tears slowly streaked down her face. Gently untangling her hand from his, he placed his arm around her waist and pulled her close. The fact that she left him do it without any reaction spoke of how upset she was.

"Don't give up Sango. None of us will let anything happen to him if we can help it." She nodded, leaning against his shoulder and closing her eyes. His free hand lightly stroked her hair in an attempt to help her calm down. The tears had stopped, but he could feel her shaking.

"Thank you." Her voice wavered slightly as she clutched his robes tightly. Kirara meowed before transforming into her small state. Trotting over, she jumped onto Sango’s lap, curling up and purring away in an attempt to distract Sango.

No more words passed between them. He silently held her, letting her hide from the world. Her breathing slowly became normal and he closed his eyes, glad that she was letting him hold her like this. They had come a long way. When she let out a light mumble he opened his eyes, glancing down at her face. Smiling, he realized that she had fallen asleep.

Lying back, he adjusted himself in the filed of flowers, gently placing Sango near his side. She shifted in her sleep, placing her head on his chest. Stroking her hair once more, he stared at the sky. The sound of Kirara's purring and Sango's light breathing lulling him to sleep, his final thought was of Kohaku. He would find a way to save Sango's brother. He would find a way to make Sango smile again.

I love episode 163. And I wanted to write a little one shot about Miroku stumbling upon the field of flowers