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Rin Jaken Ficlet

Rating: PG (?)
Notes: Just a little ficlet

Too much time had passed. It was nearly sunset. She was beginning to worry. Oh, her lord could take care of himself, she knew that much. But he always came back at the same time. Tonight he was late. By over an hour.

Turning to her companion, she stared at him, waiting for him to notice. He looked her way, a scowl etched on his face. "Silly human! Lord Sesshomaru is fine!"

"I didn't say anything." She smiled sweetly in his direction, knowing it would irk him.

The small toad demon became flustered. Standing, he grabbed his staff and hit the ground repeatedly, muttering under his breath. It was so much fun to torment him. And so easy to get a reaction out of him.

"Jaken-sama, what do you think is keeping him?"

"Surely it is none of your business to know such things! Our Lord may do whatever he pleases."

Rin sighed. "But Jaken-sama, he is never late.

"I know that you foolish girl!" He sat beside her again, huffing in annoyance. "He will be back any minute, I';m sure."

"What if he met someone?"

A snort broke the sudden silence. "As if any demon can compare to Lord Sesshomaru!"

The silence fell around the two again until Rin once more asked a question. "But what if something did happen?"

"I've told you before, girl, it is nothing to worry about."

Without warning, she grabbed the toad demon and squeezed him tightly. "I'm glad you're here with me, Jaken-sama. You've always there to watch over me."

He struggled against her grip until he was able to jump to the ground. Brushing himself off, he refused to meet her gaze. "It...it was nothing."

Together, the two resumed their seats on the hilltop, sitting in companionable silence. Until the small toad demon shrieked in annoyance as a crown of flowers was placed upon his head.

A request fic. I normally don't do those, but I had to in order to get mine. Reiku wanted Rin and Jaken fretting over Sesshomaru.

so not mine