Kat Scratch Fever
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About Me

My life, whether you care or not

Call me: Kat
Email:  If you wish, I don't bite...hard, lol
(see Contact Me for the email link)


Real name?Wouldn't you like to know, ;)
Birthday? August 24th, 1983
Where do you live?The city known as Milwaukee
Do you have a life? Sadly, no
Siblings? Sadly, yes
Addictions? Angsty stories, sad songs, anime, cartoons
Aren't you a bit old for cartoons? According to a test I took, my inner child is 10. Perfectly acceptable, lmao. You're Never too old for 'toons
Music? Ecclectic at best. Oldies, country, pop, almost anything but heavy metal, rap, and R&B
Job?Entering thngs for sale onto Amazon and Ebay. Sometimes doing the mail.
Car? 1997 Burgandy Chrysler Sebring
Favorite animal? Horse
Collect anything? Movie postcards, Breyer Horses, DVDs, and frog figurines
Hobbies? Drawing, obsessing, slacking, and being easily amused
Piercings/Tattoos?Three in each ear, one tattoo on my back
Nicknames? Princess, Scampy, Klutz, Peanut, Booger Brain, Nekoee, Angst Ho, Monkey, Bena, and Giggly
What's up with Angst Ho? I love to read stories that make me sob, I love to torture characters when I write fic, and the country music, lol
Fic FAQs
Will you ever continue "such and such"?Chances are that if it's not finished and it's an Alias and/or Angel story, no. I am sorry, but my attention tends to wander and I get stuck in new fandoms and ignore the older ones.
Will you write a sequel?!!!1 NO. I know I tend to leave things open-ended, but I have no desire to write sequels. I feel that at times if can ruin the original story. True, some very talented authors can whip out sequels that are stupendous, but I'm not one of them.
The Basics
I am a fic snob. I write what I like when I like how I like. I refuse to do any more sequels because I've had bad experiences with them and don't want to go through that again.
I am also very flighty. I change my mind more times that people blink. Chances are that if my interest wanes, I won't be coming back.
I leave shitty feedback. I never know what to say. But I do try. The only thing I hate though is when people leave me feedback like this: "plz writ3 mr3." or "luv dis. n33d more" Write in plain English or don't write at all. It does tend to discourage a writer when all they see is chat speak or the like.; Let me know what you like and what you didn't like. But don't be a dick about it. Flames are stupid and not needed. You flame me, chances are I flame you right back and I won't be nice about it. There is a thing known as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.



Current Favorite Movie:
Bend it Like Beckham

Current Favorite Songs:
Movin On ~ Rascall Flatts
Behind These Hazel Eyes ~ Kelly Clarkson
Imaginary ~ Evanescence
My Will ~ dream

Current Obsessions

My Little Ponies

Favorite Paintings

Compulsory Education ~ Charles Barton

Dress Rehearsal ~ Richard Zolan

Guess How Much I Love You ~ Anita Jeram