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I was born in Chicago where my early interest in Art and formal training took place. In the 1950s while attending Grammar School I won a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago. From there I went on to study Commercial Art at Lane Tech High School, which at that time was the most highly accredited technical High School in the Country. I then attended the University of Illinois ,majoring in Industrial Design and Sculpture. After College I moved to L.A. California where I made my living sculpting Portrait Bronzes , oil painting and designing and making Jewelry. I also worked in the medical profession, designing and building prototypes for the Orthopedic and Prosthetics field. Eventually my fascination with the American Indian led me into Western and Wildlife Sculpture, where I have concentrated my efforts. Ever since finding my niche in this area I have been fortunate enough to be represented by some of the finest Galleries in this Country and included in many of the best private collections.




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