The Rogers Miter Planer

Here is a fun tool to use when shooting board ends, or when trimming miters of any angle. The casting is marked: PAT SEPT 10 1882. LANGDON MITER BOX CO. MILLERS FALLS MASS. The Irons are stamped: SIMONDS MANUF'G
The number 7 is stamped on either side of the fence's pivot. The number 7 is also stamped on the body of the plane in two places.

Purchased at auction, it's not been touched save for sharpening the 3 1/2 inch wide irons. Rogers Miter PlanerThe base casting is 29 1/4 inches wide and 16 inches deep. The top of the plane handle is 9 inches off the bench when the plane is in use. The plane itself is 4 1/2 inches tall and
22 3/4 inches long.
This Rogers Planer is the middle size, with
3 1/2 inch wide irons.
The mouths are skewed
63 degrees.

Here is the planer set to shoot 90 degrees. I've used it on teak endgrain with excellent results. The red piece inset in the fence is used when shooting irregular pieces such as the circular pattern segment in the next photo.
















Obviously, this tool is meant to cut from both directions and it's a joy to use. When cutting miters, the swinging fence can be used at preset angles, or any angle in between by tightening the central wingnut.


The curvature in the photo is a result of the wide angle picture. This setup could be used by patternmakers to shoot precise ends onto irregular workpieces.

As a 45 degree miter trimmer, the Rogers Planer is excellent. Both cuts are always set up and easy to make. The 90 degree fence makes it difficult to make inaccurate cuts.



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The plane rides in a track on the rear of the casting.





The plane is very stable and accurate.



So far, this has been my favorite miter tool. I think it's quicker to set up than a Lion type trimmer. The ability to cut in both directions makes it easier to use than the Stanley or Chaplin's Shoot board
and plane combination.
It's also much safer than a Lion style trimmer!