Admittedly, I don't have nearly as much history with Milton's Café as I did with Crux. If memory serves correctly, though, I think my first exposure to these guys was in the basement of Bekins Hall on the University of Redlands campus. I believe that John Baez was singing, Craig Koozer was playing bass, Todd Baio was playing guitar, and Egg (Jon Hughes) was on drums. This lineup was slightly altered a couple of times when Johnny's vocals were replaced by Todd's, and when Tom Ackerman replaced Egg on drums.

Milton's Café was characterized by a strong Minutemen/Firehose influence, with some jazz elements thrown in. They frequently played shows with The Cambridge Pipers, a musically similar act that I think hailed from somewhere in Orange County, but I'm not sure. To my knowledge, the only recorded material by Milton's Café was the self-titled cassette they put out with Tom's help on Crux's Thick Records label.