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Concord NH #4: Farid, Sylva, Severina, Duke and Neighbor

Concord NH #3: Sylva

Concord NH #2: Farid, Sylva, Mme.Boyadjian and Duke

Concord NH #1: Farid and Duke

"Dream Catching", Boston Arts Academy, Boston MA




"Water of Life", Millennium Plaza, Yakima WA





"Story Grove", O'Donnell School, East Boston MA



Current Work: CONCORD NH

Currently, I am working on a series of six, 48" by 96", oil paintings depicting the daily American lives of a painter and a poet, and their family.  Friends, whom I first met 39 years ago in Beirut, Lebanon, now live in Concord, New Hampshire.

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Concord NH #4: Farid, Sylva, Severina, Duke and neighbor - oil on canvas, 48"x96", 2007

Concord NH #3: Sylva - oil on canvas, 48"x96", 2008

Concord NH #2: Farid, Sylva, Mme. Boyadjian and Duke - oil on canvas, 48"x96", 2006

Concord NH #1: Farid and Duke - oil on canvas, 48"x96", 2004


In making public art, I believe it is important to be able to work closely with the community where the work is to be situated.  One effective way is to work with the involvement of a well-grounded cultural organization in the community.  Before conceiving a work, I like to engage, through the help of the organization, in a series of conversation with people that the work may affect.  In these conversations, I would learn how people live, how the space is being used, what internalized images that need expression, what materials are appealing, and what cultural forms make connection between people. 

Two Recent Projects

“Dream Catching”, a site sculpture for the façade of Boston Arts Academy, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Arts Academy is the first public arts high school in Boston. The design, selected through a public competition, uses a series of 18 bronze plate figures, based on images of early cultures, and a set of mirror-finished, stainless steel plates, to form a melodic line across three sides of the 5-story building, against the original yellow brick and window patterns.  The installation was completed in 2004.

The project also included an early-on 4-month residency working with the students of the school.

“Water of Life”, a sculptural plaza in the center of Yakima, Washington, with Allied Arts Council of Yakima Valley, part of the NEA-funded “Artists and Communities: America Creates for the Millennium”

This was one of 55 pairings of a local arts organization with an out-of-state artist by NEA to create community projects to mark the millennium.  The 90’ by 90’ sculptural plaza, created from a parking lot, was designed as a gathering place of the area’s people of European, Hispanic and Yakama Indian descent.  The artist lived and worked, for a total of nine months in the area, with a wide variety of people.

The plaza, finished in 2003, is configured of water, rock, direction of the sun, bronze sculpture, and fiber-optic light.  Local artists and residents contributed  39 “totem” objects displayed in window-cases, housed in two embracing concrete walls.

The plaza, completed in 2003, now serves as central spot for diverse events and a destination for visitors.