We Want To Live/the Primal Diet; Expanded and Revised in 2005


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WE WANT TO LIVE / the Primal Diet;
Expanded and Revised in 2005

by Aajonus Vonderplanitz


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WE WANT TO LIVE / the Primal Diet
Expaned and Revised in 2005

A few months after Aajonus Vonderplanitz' 21st birthday he

was diagnosed with terminal blood and bone cancer...and given less

than 1 year to live. Now 32 years later, Aajonus takes us on his 

fascinating personal journey, along with those of his son and patients,

on their roads from near death to vibrant health in the humble

narrative WE WANT TO LIVE.  He has foraged the path for us,

and leads us with courage, compassion and conviction as if we were 

experiencing it all with him now. Coming from this man who has

faced death so many times and in so many ways, WE WANT TO

LIVE embraces our personal dilemmas about what really works

dietarily, what usually doesn't, and why. During one period in his

journey bicycling the North American continent searching and

exploring primitive remedies, a den of coyotes befriends him and

teaches him the missing link to his diet. The incredible stories pile

high erupting impressions of disbelief, even guffaws, but ultimately

his new age sensibilities, realistic tone and analytical mind bring it

all back down to Earth and we know it is all true, fantastically and

exhilaratingly true. Once, Aajonus worked as the dietitian in an

ashram and, to make a point about the powerful influence of diet

revved up the yogis' tabooed desires of the flesh by feeding them a

special combination of common foods. WE WANT TO LIVE is

unquestionably the mother of all testimonials.

WE WANT TO LIVE is two volumes in one book. Volume one

is the testimonial. Volume two explains everything we need to know

about diet so that we can live without disease, fear of disease, and

the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bankruptcy that results

from disease. Aajonus has given us remedies for hundreds of

ailments and diseases, tips about particular foods, both good and bad

for us generally, and even a few beauty tips that speed us toward

looking younger and more vibrant.

Inspiringly, factually, WE WANT TO LIVE offers real

substance for hope and a path to health, vitality and peace of body

and mind. It is a gift of life, for friends and loved ones, including

ourselves, that we will refer to again and again.


AAJONUS VONDERPLANITZ is a nutritional scientist, nutritionist, speaker and  writer who works in Malibu, California. His patients' rate of disease reversal is astoundingly high, including for cancer and heart disease.