Available for Projects Now

I am available to work on your project!  One of my greatest strengths is to help you organize your thoughts, streamline your slides, write concise bullet points and integrate media you already own. I can help you polish your seminar materials,  reformat your files, apply animations, add video, graphics, navigation tools, integrate Excel data, create custom handouts and be your presentation coach, editor and audience. Call or email me to discuss criteria, fees and scheduling. Need an Internet presence? See my Web Work.


Personalized computer coaching is available, too. I'm a licensed NYS technology teacher. 

Relieve some of that technology stress. Let me help you learn to do your computing tasks more easily and efficiently. I can customize templates for your project or business that you can update.

Looking Back

I got my first computer in 1986, and I quickly opened it up to add a memory module. My first PowerPoint gig came in 1990 when version 2.0 was released.  It was a temp job, and the program was cumbersome to use, especially on those pre-pentium machines!

A lot of presentations and versions of MS Office have come and gone since then, not too mention a few different operating systems and computers! I've created literally over a thousand presentations since, for many different projects, businesses and professionals. I've also done lots of training over the years, for users at all levels of corporations and with varying levels of experience.

My First Pentium

Often there was just enough time to customize the template. For individual financial presentations, all the explanatory slides had to be approved in advance and I created a catalogue. Together with an excel spreadsheet program, it was possible to crank out a dozen custom plans in a day.  They were simple, with large typeface (in case you left your reading glasses home), and helped sell a lot of mutual funds and annuities. I was SO thrilled to get my first Pentium and 32 mb of RAM- I could finally link the slides with the spreadsheets and not have to reboot!

And Great Color, Too

Sometimes there was more time - while working at Wm. M. Mercer, I got to develop a great Jeopardy-style presentation, translate web prototypes to pitches and devote some time to finessing graphic images in Photoshop. Working for well-capitalized companies produced great laser color hand-outs. Costs have come down so much, that I actually own a color laser printer now.

I have created legal and financial presentations, academic and marketing presentations, presentations about how things work and how to use software. I have also designed, authored, formatted and edited facilitator and trainee guides and user manuals.