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Monday, February 9, 2004

Alas, poor Yorick
As if I hadn't posted enough already tonight... Alas, poor Yorick!
I've not delved deeply into this one yet, but it promises to be richly rewarding. Especially if you've a passing familiarity with the play. It's Hamlet via Zork. Or vice versa. Great fun in any event!
11:47 pm cst

The DaVinci Code
Is anyone else reading The DaVinci Code? I know it's the trendy book du jour, and I would ordinarily wait for the paperback or the library, but I actually went out and bought it in hardcover today. I'm a huge fan of mysteries and thrillers and I hope that I won't be disappointed, but this book apparently transcends either of those genres (this said without my having read a single word). The lure for me, in this case, is the theological implications. Admittedly, this is a work of the purest fiction, or so the author says. But it has generated a tremendous amount of interest amongst church groups. Our church and we're certainly not the first is sponsoring a discussion group centering on the book. And apart from everything else, that piques my interest. I plan to participate, by the way, if I can read fast enough.
So, let me know what you think, if you've read it. Or even if you haven't and have an opinion.
11:14 pm cst

Yay Me!
Well, folks, the results are in and I believe I have once again claimed the coveted "Most Likely to Vapidly Discuss" award this past January. Please hold your applause, I'm doing just fine on my own.
Heck, sometimes I'm discussing even before the discussion's begun! Man, you've got to admire that work ethic!
10:40 pm cst

Oh, never mind...
You dirty rat
Remember the good old days? When you could get a mouse and a cheesy paint program for a mere $150.00?
Nope, me neither...
10:06 pm cst

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