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Friday, May 30, 2003

71 days...
...still no Iraqi W.M.D.
And another thing.
I get a little irritated when I see these lawn signs that say "Liberate Iraq. Support our Troops.", or words to that effect, as if the two are inextricably linked. It wasn't our troops who made the decision to "liberate" Iraq. While I wholeheartedly support our troops, I equally wholeheartedly decry the foreign policy that put them into this position in the first place.
12:41 pm cdt

And furthermore...
Thinking of the Nigerian email scam brought to mind this site. Most of us complain about spam. Jonathan Land does something about it. He writes back. His Nigerian email correspondence is especially hilarious.
10:13 am cdt

Speaking of spam
If you get any spam at all, you've probably seen the famous Nigerian email scam. Well, here's your chance to cash in. Good stuff.
9:58 am cdt

I get spam

I have a new email address. They donít know about it yet. Itís a weird feeling.

Sometimes I check my email and thereís nothing there at all. And I begin to wonder if itís working. I send email to myself just to be sure.


Iím guarding this address like a dog guards a bone. Still, I know theyíll find out about it eventually. One day Iíll let down my guard for just a brief moment and the floodgates will open. But for now itís kind of peaceful.


Hmm, just checked my email. Nothing. Would someone please send me something so I can see if this is working?

8:44 am cdt

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Here's a cool little game that will take you back to your Commodore VIC20/C64 days. You did have Commodore VIC20/C64 days, didn't you? Just for the record, I'm terrible at it (high score in the 400s), but it's strangely addictive. Anyone remember Speed Ski? Send me your high scores.
5:14 pm cdt

Memorial weekend memories

Another perfect weekend at the lake. Put the dock in and made an unsettling discovery. Iím not getting any younger. Donít know why I hadnít noticed this before. Possibly sitting in a tiny rowboat, clinging to 150+ pounds of dock hardware bearing down hard on your knees as gale-force North winds threaten to take the boat to the channel, with or without you, and the wake of passing joyriders leaves you lurching uncontrollably, has a clarifying effect on the mind. And this was the calmer day of the weekend. Sitting here now in my chair, I think I can still feel the motion of the waves. And tomorrow I expect the muscles will be speaking up.


Nevertheless, it was a good weekend. Warm sun-splashed days in the springtime woods, cool nights sitting around a blazing campfire. The crashing of mobile homes collapsing in the dark. What more could you ask?

9:41 am cdt

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Beware the Mighty Bluegill
attack bluegill
12:42 pm cdt

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