DOROTHY WHITEHORSE sings a Kiowa lullaby. The baby is sung to as a prairie dog pup held out in front of its mama, "go ahead and dance little puppy, your tail's just a waggin, but this is as far as you're gonna jump!"

LORRAINE FOX is of Cree/Blackfeet ancestry. She sings a traditional Aztec lullaby she learned from her teacher.


 ROBERT MIRABEL of the Taos Pueblo people sings a song from his own family. It is named after his daughter whose name is the native word for "the flower that grows in the bowl made by a deer sleeping in tall grass".


Under the Green Corn Moon is a celebration of one of the most tender and enduring parts of Native American culture: the respect for the bond betweeen parent and child. Tom Wasinger traveled the length and breadth of North America to honor these native songs' richness and heritage. Enjoy this intimate glimpse into America's true ancestry.

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